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Anyone up for watching Farscape? I don't know if it should be a 1st watch or rewatch. I've seen the series a couple times through, but not recently enough, so I think I could easily participate in a first watch thread.

For those new to the show, you ask what the heck is Farscape? Oh only the bestest scifi show ever. (Until Firefly came and stole the title. But just barely.)

It features aliens, and a living ship. But I'll let John Crichton tell you more:
My name is John Crichton
An astronaut
A radiation wave hit and I got shot through a wormhole
Now I'm lost in some distant part of the Universe, on a ship
A living ship, full of strange alien life forms
Help me
Listen please
Is there anybody out there who can here me?
I'm being hunted by an insane military commander
Doing everything I can
I'm just looking for a way home

If there are any takers; looking for suggestions for watching/posting schedule.
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I'd add that to My FanFare. There are 88 episodes plus The Peacekeeper Wars, so I think maybe two a week?
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John never called Aeryn a whore so Farscape remains the best scifi show evar! Woot.

I started to rewatch earlier this year, but stalled when I hit Nerve because it was so hard to watch poor John in the Aurora chair.

I wouldn't mind starting over to rewatch along with FanFare, although I reserve the right to skip Jeremiah Crichton now and forever.
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Yes please, my favorite show ever, and my OTP to end all OTPs. I'll definetly be in.
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On a more productive note, I can get behind two a week. Also, Netflix has the first part of the first season all out of order, so it should go in this order
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Yay! I honestly didn't know if there would be any takers.

Does two a week work for everyone? Suggestion on days of the week? I kind of want to have a scifi Friday again, if others are on board. Other suggestions? Maybe Friday and Tuesday's? Or, in a binge watch tradition, we could do two a night on a set schedule once a week, and people trickle in as their schedules allow?

(I also just realized this was the first show I binge watched! Season 1 was out when I started it, and a friend downloaded the episodes via ftp and copied them to cd.)
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I started binge watching some time ago and I never finished the lot, so I would be interested in following along and maybe I'll finish this time.
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Tuesday and Friday works for me, I think. I haven't done a rewatch with FanFare before so what works for me is theoretical at this point.
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Yeah don't even mention the name of that bug ship show, like that's comparable to this glorious whale ship show? Whales eat bugs FOR BREAKFAST. (Okay okay, krill.)

I semi-recently rewatched Farscape and it was an emotional journey that also rekindled an appreciation for practical effects so I'm hoping we can get puppet nerds to come hang out in fanfare threads and talk about what various gross looking things actors ate might have actually been made out of. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do a rewatch along with y'all but I will avidly follow along with the posts.

On a fandom note, when I did my rewatch I inevitably trawled the internet for fic and for such a cult favorite with so many interesting different hooks, there is appallingly little stuff out there. There's a good amount of meta still solidly archived, but for the most part Farscape hit right at that transitional time when fandom was really hitching its wagon to the internet but hadn't figured out the best way to do that, yet. If this rewatch can help dig up any old fannish content, inspire new works, or, oh holy grail, point me to digitized versions of old zines, that would be brilliant.
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I suspect there was more stuff out there, but on older plaforms like LiveJournal, and fics published on random websites.

I remember watching a ton of fanvids for Farscape, which is something I never do these days, and reading a really long John/Aeryn story that was properly heart-breaking but I think was published on someone's own site, with a baby blue background and navy text, so I copied it into a Word document to read instead.

X-Files was my first fandom on the web, mostly on Usenet, then Buffy, then Farscape and so on. It is interesting how the platforms for fan expression have changed over that time. I think Supernatural was the final show for interacting with LiveJournal for me.
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So I think everyone is down for a rewatch thread, rather than a first watch?

Should we start this Friday or next Tues? I vote for this Friday. :)
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I would be up for a rewatch.
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Yes, I think rewatch. I've seen them all so many times, I don't think I could contain myself in a first watch.
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In rewatch vs first watch, I feel like Farscape is a pretty good show for first time viewers to be able to skim rewatch thread comments and just blank past the stuff they don't understand. It's often very episodic (some of the bottle shows are definitive short story scifi dealies) and it's definitely a show that stands up even when totally spoiled because the journey is just so weird.
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I loved Farscape, but kinda burnt out on it after it became a work thing (the 10th anniversary dvd release, subsequent bd release, and certain parts of the digital rights), not sure if I will ever be up for a re-watch again. Like, I'm pretty sure I know whose fault it is that the Netflix episode ordering is screwed up. Just makes it hard to watch when it brings up office grar.

I will share my favorite anecdote here, since I probably won't end up in the episode threads. For the dvd launch, there was a ComicCon panel with Ben, Claudia, Rockne S. O'Bannon, and Brian Henson, so a bunch of us from the office went to work it. After the panel, there were a bunch of small press interviews, so I got to hang out in the room and listen. One of the interviewers asked something like "What would people be most surprised to learn about you?" Brian Henson said something like "I don't really like puppets." Browder burst out laughing; Henson clarified, saying that what he meant was that he didn't just love all puppetry, that he was only drawn to really good puppetry. But Browder just could not stop cracking up for the rest of that interview. "I can see the headline now - 'Brian Henson hates puppets'!" It was really cute.
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I don't have access to the episodes at the moment, but I have really fond memories. It felt like an actual kick in the gut when it got cancelled. First time I ever faxed a TV company in outrage.

In memory of the blessed Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan, I shall ignore the Firefly comment. ;)
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I remember when it was canceled a friend called up, "Farscape is cancelled! They're taking chainsaws to Moya RIGHT NOW!" Such a sad day.
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What a sad message to hear, even at such a late date. I watched a few recently and never saw every episode so I'll chime in. There was something about some of the later episodes with the creepy alien antagonist that seemed more like a more-evil Dr Smith (Lost in Space) than a super sophisticated galactic warlord.
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If this rewatch can help dig up any old fannish content,

The best place for that is probably the Leviathan archive, which I'm sure is still up, although a lot of stuff (like my fic) may have been cross-posted to AO3.

If and when the Fanfare posts start up, I'll be happy to post fic recs occasionally. There was in fact a small-but-active fic-writing fandom for several years, and I suspect there are still some people writing for the show.
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I'm interested! I've recently restarted the first season as a summer project and am zipping right along.
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It looks like Hulu only has the first season and part of the second, and it's not on Amazon Prime. Is it "free" on Netflix?
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ob1quixote, it is on Netflix, but the first half of the first season is all out of order, check the link I posted earlier in the thread to see the correct order.
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From hobgadling's link the order for the first season is:

Premiere / Through the Eye of the Needle
I, E.T.
Exodus from Genesis
Throne for a Loss
Back and Back and Back to the Future
Thank God It's Friday, Again
PK Tech Girl
That Old Black Magic
DNA Mad Scientist
They've Got a Secret
Till the Blood Runs Clear
Rhapsody in Blue
The Flax
Jeremiah Crichton
Durka Returns
A Human Reaction
Through the Looking Glass
A Bug's Life
Nerve (Part 1)
The Hidden Memory (Part 2)
Bone to Be Wild
Family Ties (Part 1) (TBD in season 2)

I'll watch the Premiere tonight.
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First episode is up. I won't have a chance to watch until much later tonight, but I wanted to get it out there for anyone that might have more sane viewing hours.
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OK, if anyone is like me and watched it thoroughly at the time but can't access the episodes now, Farscape World has a very detailed synopsis for each episode here:

Episode Guide - Farscape World
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So tonight's episode will be "I, E.T.", which yeah. Should make for an interesting contrast to the premiere.
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