Under The Dome?
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Is anyone else out there still watching Under The Dome?

We had quite a lot of fun with it in Artw's MeFi post last year. Still interest in chatting about it this season? Or has it turned the corner from so-dumb-its-fun into just-plain-awful?
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Just realized it came back for season 2 and watched the first episode then came here to see if there was a fan fare thread for it....so you have my vote for adding a discussion.
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It's getting stoopider and stoopider, but I like Dean Norris enough to stick with it. Third vote for it.
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The show has been added to the New Post drop down if anyone want's to start a discussion. If there are no takers before I get home tonight I will try and write something up for Season 2 Episode 1 to start with.
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I thought it had been cancelled after S1 but it's popped up over here again. But yeah it's getting nuttier, even with SK's cameo appearance (does that signifiy tacit approval?).

So now it appears to be some sort of survival test.
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Season 2 Episode 1

I was thinking more of starting from today's episode; it'd probably end up being a catch-all for the prior episodes anyway.
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I had to quit this show after the way they handled the whole "girl chained in bomb shelter" thing where he lets her out, and suddenly she forgives him and loves him and fucks him etc. It struck me as more glamorizing abusive relationships than 50 shades of grey or anything else i'd recently heard of.

Like, holy shit. Someone i know actually unfriended me on facebook after i recommend that show when i was first starting it because they got further than me and noticed that dynamic. I don't really blame them either, that shit is fucked.

I mean i realize the whole point of it is that it's hilariously awful, but that whole story arc just bothered me a lot.
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I gave up on it 3 or 4 episodes into the first season, mostly because I was a big fan of the Luna Brothers comic, Girls, and felt that King had crapped on the premise. I watched the season one recap show and was very, very glad I gave up on the show. That business with the egg thing calling the four kids or whatever would have made me hate it.
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Submitted a post for S2E4.
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I was shocked to see it come back for a second season.
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I'm watching and waiting for them to get back to the storyline where Barbie killed the Monarch's husband. Or for the townspeople to get around to asking who killed Dodie if it wasn't Barbie.
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