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Would anybody be interested in a Spartacus rewatch? I'm thinking something that would cover the four seasons in aired order. Syfy is currently airing the show in edited versions, but the rewatch would assume people have access to the original episodes.
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OH MY GOD you cannot even begin to imagine all the things I have to say about Spartcus, this series is so important and I am not even being funny SO IMPORTANT.

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OH but for me personally only a rewatch will do, I don't want the spoiler avoidant responsibility of a first watch.
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I loved all 4 seasons, but couldn't imagine watching Spartacus: Blood and Willies edited.

Anyway, Crixus is the main character.
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Oh yeah, I was definitely thinking rewatch, not first watch. And what kind of pace would be ideal for people? 1 or 2 eps a week, something like that?
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no it must be like 6 episodes a day plus an hour of weeping, minimum
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What's the gore factor like in Spartacus? I'm watched the first episode, but it slipped away from my attention because I kept comparing it to Rome, a show I loved utterly. I can watch most gore, but not scary it's-behind-you thrill horror, and nothing where they hurt kids (or old people. Chop up a gladiator or a cow, fine, but you touch Granny and I'm a weeping mess). Avoid or watch?
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I can technically provide specific and general spoilers for every single episode right now off the top of my head but that feels like a little much for this thread and also I am nominally at work. SO. General spoilers and a few very specific plot-ruining spoilers below:


It is unbelievable levels of graphic gore but the majority of it is battle-related gore; we're talking severed heads and spilling entrails on a regular basis.

There is a lot of sexual violence both shown outright and threatened, as well as sex that is highly coercive but with the facade of consent, as in between slaves and masters.

There is one scene of animal death that I can recall, which is a sacrifice situation.

There are no classic horror-type deaths that I can recall unless you consider wartime-situation ambushes to be horror-type deaths.

***stop here if you don't want to be spoiled for dramatic plot points***


There is the threat of child murder but we don't see it onscreen.

There is the messy death of an elderly man but it is not violent in the sense of a physical attack upon him.

There is the non-gory death of an infant.

There are at least two very graphic brutal murders of women in sexualized situations.

There is extreme gory violence done to a pregnant woman.

Everyone you have ever loved will die, horribly and tragically.
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thank you SO much for saving me from a week of weeping. I coped with The Red Wedding because Talia was fat, ok, she had eaten some hot pies and that is all, just a pot belly la la la white walkers make snowflake cookies for happy babies.
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The baby/pregnant lady violence happens in season three (vengeance) so you could still watch the first two seasons.
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We just recently rewatched this or I'd be all over it... OK maybe I'm still all over it because SPARTACUS!
Is this the support group for people who keep telling other people how great this show is and when the other people show less than total interest get more and more insistent until people are backing away from them?
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im excited to cry about naked mens having emotions
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ok so im watching without you guys bye
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