The Infinite Monkey Cage: The Infinite Monkey Cage USA Tour: New York
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The Infinite Monkeys return for a new series, the first of which will see them head to the USA for their first live tour. This week [physicist] Brian Cox and [comedian] Robin Ince can be found on stage in New York asking the question, Is Science a Force for Good Or Evil? They are joined on stage by Bill Nye the Science Guy, cosmologist Janna Levin, actor Tim Daly and comedian Lisa Lampanelli.
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This was a fun episode, with the normal mixture of rambling digressions, cheap jokes, and a few forays into actual science. I've only heard Bill Nye speak a couple of times, and it's amazing how effortlessly he seems to dominate the conversation when he wants to got his point across.

From their comments at the beginning, it sounds like this was recorded during the winter and might already have been broadcast somewhere in the USA? It has only just hit the airwaves in the UK though, which is why I decided to post it now.
posted by metaBugs at 10:37 AM on July 9, 2015

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