The Leftovers: B.J. and the A.C.
July 21, 2014 1:44 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

A holiday display goes missing, sending Kevin scurrying to find out who is responsible. Tom and Christine run into trouble at a hospital and on the road. Kevin retrieves a surprise detainee from a neighboring police station, and receives unexpected visitors at home. The Guilty Remnant put its stamp on the holiday season.
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I kinda liked this episode, except for the parts where the supernatural stuff got heavy. The scene with Kevin and Laurie was especially well played. I want to see more like that.
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Will they keep introducing new cults as the season goes on? And will they get progressively sillier? Barefoot Forehead-Target People?
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About ten minutes after I finished the episode I was wandering around the house and said, "Oh. BJ and the AC - Baby Jesus and the Antichrist." That would explain pants-less bus stop crazy and his reaction to whassername, the lady made pregnant by the Guy Who Hugs Things Away.

Off to go look at other parts of the internet to see who else had this connection, and to see if I can convince myself to keep watching the show because as of this last episode I said I officially gave it up.
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I don't know how many of you folks caught this, but something very new and interesting happened at about 43 minutes into this episode: A couple of the characters smiled. (It did go by very quickly, so it would have been easy to miss.)

Seriously, though, any thoughts as to why Tom inverted the colors when he painted the bullseye on Magical Asian Girl?
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Seriously, though, any thoughts as to why Tom inverted the colors when he painted the bullseye on Magical Asian Girl?

This bothered the hell out of me, but I just chalked it up to lack of attention to detail/sloppy acting.
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Catching up years later...I am really enjoying this show, partially with the knowledge that it ended a three year run and was pretty solid through out. It's doing an amazing job making the people in white infuriating and all they do is stare and smoke cigarettes (and now break into people's homes and steal photos), the minister driven to madness is heartbreaking, comedy relief by the Prius twins.

One criticism though, this was the third time that the daughter had a question/misunderstanding with the police chief/father that he could have simply cleared up with an answer but instead he clammed up or walked away. All he had to say this time is "your mother asked me for a divorce". I'm sure this is some writer's excuse for character development but it's a cheap trick. We did learn, I think, that he was cheating on his wife when the disappearance occurred and it looks like he's about to hook up with the Grieving Widow.
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