BoJack Horseman: Brand New Couch
July 18, 2015 8:19 AM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

BoJack has a FAB (Fresh Active BNA (Brand New Attitude)), he gets rid of the burdens of his life sofa(r) and is ready to start shooting Secretariat. Or maybe not.

Diane struggles with her new job. Todd struggles with the new couch. Princess Carolyn struggles with her colleagues. Mr. Peanutbutter struggles with a cone, and also has a pair of tix to the 'Stones that 'kend.
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So Vincent Adultman does have a job at the Business Factory!
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A nice little coincidence (or is it?) with this episode was Bojack's mom criticizing Horsing Around for not being Ibsen, and I immediately felt reminded of a comment by Lemurrhea ten months back.
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While I would love for it to be a reference to a MeFi comment, that comment itself is a quote from the first episode of the first season.
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The whole "It's not Ibsen" comment is something Bojack says in season 1 (first episode, 1:30). Also, Bojack's father uses "Do you get it?", like Bojack used to do (as a child in the letter to Secretariat, and in the beginning of his standup comedy career -- both things that were shown in Season 1). I guess this is intentional, to show how strongly Bojack was influenced by his parents.
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"Don't sit so close to the TV, it makes you cruel."

She'd know. A lot of great stuff in this episode. The extended cable-trip bit was perfect.
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The last conversation with Bojack's mom was just brutal, holy shit. Can't wait to binge the rest of the season.
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I wonder what it says about my media consumption that I much rather remember Metafilter comments than the things they were referring to... :)

In any case, thanks for clearing that up!
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I wonder if Bojack's inability to fall into character reflected any real world comedian attempts at serious roles. It seems we often have a pattern of comedians seeking dramatic roles, be it Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy or Adam Sandler.

Poor Todd. I thought Bojack would treat him a little better, but it feels like there's been a little regression.
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Mr. Peanutbutter calling the Mighty Mighty Bosstones "the Stones" is the best. And of course that's his favorite band.

"So, I went a little overboard and I made you two mixes. The first CD is all Mighty Mighty. The second CD is all of the Bosstones' side projects and solo singles. Imagine the band never took that hiatus in the mid-aughts when America briefly lost interest in ska."
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I had forgotten how much I love this show. Also I had apparently entirely forgotten how some of the jokes are so outrageous, you barely have time to think " they said what?" before you realise you missed the three other jokes that were closely following the first one.

Plus the background jokes.

Also who else thinks the old bird(?) who jogs up the hill outside BoJacks house is going to be a season long brick joke?
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(later in the season) there is a poster for a concert with "Bunny Ver." I'm not sure how I feel about the animal puns, but I admire the dedication.
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My new favorite thing is Mr. Peanutbutter telling Bojack to break a leg. I love this show so much.

Random thoughts, in no particular order:

"Happy ending for Todd!"
Wendy Mallick
Ben Schwartz
The new background during the credits
Goose Van Sant
Mr. Peanutbutter needs to read the Emotional Labor thread
"The 'stones"
"You are literally a metaphor."
"You clearly intended the pun."
"I was so mad at this other dog! He was wearing my clothes!"
Poor little Bojack :(

I have already put in multiple viewings.
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I recognized the real life Vigor offices. Here's the street view.
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The last conversation with Bojack's mom was just brutal, holy shit.

"You came by it honestly, the ugliness inside you".

Goddamn. An animated show about an asshole anthromorphic horse should not be able to make me have ALL THE FEELS like this.
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Yes, I'm finding it very difficult translate those feels into comments, even after multiple viewings. (Hence my listicle above.)
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I just noticed on like the third viewing that Bojack makes breakfast in a PB Livin' Smoody machine.
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