BoJack Horseman: Yesterdayland
July 24, 2015 12:11 PM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Todd holds the grand opening of Disneyland, one of his own design. In the wake of his successful biography, Bojack finds himself tired of everyone knowing everything about him, then he meets Wanda, an owl who just awoke from a 30 year coma.
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Wanda doing a axel jump without moving her neck was one of the high points of the season in terms of delightful animation puns.
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Things I liked:

"Your Otter"

Officer Meow Meow Fuzzyface sighting!

Vincent Adultman doesn't like Todd's Disneyland.

Pinky hating to have to tell Wanda that David Copperfield's no longer a draw.

The uber-dramatic Secretariat scene, interrupted by Wanda's arrival and Bojack's excitement at seeing her.
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It was great to see Todd bringing joy (?) to tens of people with his lurching hellscape of rattletrap attractions and piles of old mattresses.
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"I didn't have to destroy capitalism at all! Capitalism sows the seeds of its own destruction!", delivered as afterschool-special moral
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Diisney isn't going to like this.
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I love that the KGB spy guy is just blatantly Matthew Rhys' character from The Americans if he was in a coma for a few decades.
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I love the fact that BoJack ignoring Todd is a way to have Todd spend years developing something we never see on the show until it's a final thing.

Also, as a parent, I enjoy the idea that Diisneyland is just a fairy tale parents tell their kids.
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