Twin Peaks
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There was talk in the Star Trek thread about a viewing schedule - is there any other info?

I started re-watching it with some friends a few months ago (we meet once a month and watch two episodes) and I always enjoy the opportunity to discuss the show.
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There was talk on MeFi of starting a rewatch on July 29, to coincide with the new Bluray release.
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I haven't ever seen Twin Peaks and was thinking of watching it after reading this article.

I get the impression it is something that it is something which spoilers could.. uh.. spoil. Is that the case? If so I would probably avoid a rewatch thread.
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In the first season there are definitely spoilers, since the main story revolves around the mystery of who killed Laura Palmer. Many of the sub-plots could be ruined by spoilers as well.

Great series though. I rewatched the DVD's about 2 years ago. It still holds up after 25 years IMO.
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Would this be a re-watch or a first watch? As always, I'm biased when it comes to shows I've already seen because it's so much more interesting for me to read and participate in the discussion when it involves the larger context of a show and less interesting when it is limited to what episodes have already been posted.

I also feel, I guess, that this is a show that can't possibly be spoiled. Twin Peaks has always been more about the journey for me than the destination. You could have told me two minutes into the show who killed Laura Palmer and I would have enjoyed it just as much.
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I'd love to discuss it. But if there's only enough interest for one thread I think it should be a first watch so more people will come love the morbid weirdness that is Twin Peaks. There have been good discussions about it already on MeFi proper so it'd be nice to have a space for the noobs to boggle.
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You could have told me two minutes into the show who killed Laura Palmer and I would have enjoyed it just as much.

I agree with you there, but I remember when I was watching the first season when it was on network TV. The mystery of Laura's death is the driving force of the main story, and I really did want to find out amid all of the other weirdness.

There are so many sub-plots though, that first watch would be hard for me with delving into how certain characters or locations fit into the overall whole. That is one of TP's greatest strengths for me... all of the intertwining storylines.
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