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*takes deep breath* Okay, this is at least my third time suggesting this. I promise it will be the last. Professional wrestling, particularly the WWE product, has a few fans here on MetaFilter, and the last few FPPs that were more focused on the actual product drew dozens of comments from more than two dozen MeFites who are clearly regular viewers. There are lots of shows on FanFare that draw many fewer commenters, and there are shows that are non-narrative (Cosmos, Last Week Tonight).

Modern professional wrestling is narrative-based, with plotlines, character arcs, spoilers and all the other features of scripted non-sports shows. WWE puts on a lot of shows, including--
  • Raw -- Mondays on USA Network, considered the "flagship" show
  • Smackdown -- Fridays on SyFy , the secondary show
  • Main Event -- Tuesdays on WWE Network, barely a blip in the narrative
  • Total Divas -- E Network, a behind-the-scenes reality show that focuses on female wrestlers
  • NXT -- Hulu/WWE Network, the minor league promotion
There are also 12 pay-per-views (WrestleMania, etc.) yearly. Adding Raw to the list of shows would allow for discussion of the entire product, perhaps via monthly posts rather than weekly ones.
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I took a look and WWF Raw has seasons and episodes. I just added WWF Raw to the list of shows so you should be able to post those now. If you want to go ahead and add the other shows via the suggest-a-show form I'll get those added too if they have an IMDb listing.

We don't have a system for one-time events like pay-per-view shows. That's something we're considering, we just don't have a mechanism for it now.
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Thanks. pb. I think that just the one show will suffice as sort of a general WWE discussionspace.
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Thank you, pb!
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I just saw this and I am so excited!!!
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