Wonderfalls (2004)
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Wonderfalls! The first of Bryan Fuller's TV shows to get cancelled is over ten years old and deserves a critical re-appreciation as both heralding the future of TV and being so late 90s it hurts. plus, baby Lee Pace! who's up for a rewatch? ( scheduled in about a week to allow Netflix discs to be rented and such)
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DVDs ordered. I am excite!
posted by Stacey at 2:40 PM on July 29, 2015

Sure, I got the DVDs and watched half the episodes a few weeks ago and have been wanting to get to the rest sometime soon, so this would be good incentive.
posted by FelliniBlank at 6:15 PM on August 1, 2015

The first episode of this show was non-stop yuks.

(The cell phone in ERIC THE BARTENDER's back pocket rings)
JAYE: Your ass is ringing.
ERIC: My ass rings a lot.
JAYE: Ever think about setting it on vibrate?
ERIC: I’m not sure I’m secure enough with my manhood to do that.
JAYE: So why do you have an ass if you don’t answer it?
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The first episode contains my favorite joke set up and deliver in like, all of TV, remembered it from when I happened to catch the first episode at random call the way back in 04.
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I just enjoy how pretty much every Fuller protagonist (and many other major characters) is some flavor of cranky malcontent/weirdo. It's like, "Look, a whole show filled with My People."
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My household owns this on DVD already so I think I'll be joining you for this!
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I made a stab at organizing this a while back and didn't get much response - I think interest has come up, so yay! They were at one point all on YouTube, which is how I watched them.
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I just started watching Wonderfalls, and I'm thinking "she really reminds me of Alana Bloom".

Same actor!
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The. Cocktail Bunny episode has a few weird moments of Hannibal-ness
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Wonderfalls is also notable for being the only Bryan Fuller show that's not about food or death, although I guess it is about the inevitability of fate, which is sort of like being about death?
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Wax Lion is live
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