Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp: Dinner
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Beth and Greg get represented! Coop gets invited to a threesome! Susie gets propositioned! Ben and McKinley get closer! Katie gets farted at! And Lindsay gets a little more than she can handle!


Nurse Nancy steps out to attend to a broken leg somewhere on camp grounds, so Victor and Neil take advantage of her absence to play some hijinks. The game: prank calling. The ruse: food inspector. The complaint: food contaminated with dick-farts. The target: one Jonas Jurgenson despite the fact that the movie specifically tells us that the only phones are in the camp director's office and the infirmary. Jesus, sloppiness like this makes me angry something fierce.

Ahem. Attempting to move on, the prank call is Marla-Gibbs-level funny, but escalates quickly as Victor fails to hang up the phone properly and Neil says his name about a hundred times to the fuming Jonas. Victor better get a good head start, because this looks like hot pursuit!

June 24th, 1981, 5:06 pm.

Electro City rehearsals are chugging along, but Andy can't manage the leap-and-catch with Katie no matter how hard he tries. He rage-quits, but Susie proves her chops to Claude by talking him back into the show, while Andy's face drips all the sweat you'd expect to see from a guy who was just standing on a stage playing a proto-gameboy. Ben and McKinley maybe have a moment. Tough to say, really.

On the run, Neil tries to hide Victor in their bunk. Victor dives under some sheets, and it's a pretty good disguise, but Jonas is relentless. He checks the bed, the rafters, the bathroom, but that wily Victor is always one step ahead and manages to give Jonas the slip. For, like, a second. Jonas skips out the door after him like the hardened marine we know he is.

As chairs are set up for the wedding, Gail seeks counsel from her arts and crafts campers. She claims that she can't talk to him before the wedding because of strict Mennonite tradition, but the campers see through that lie pretty much immediately. You're gonna have to do better than that, Gail! One particularly sage young woman talks Gail through the fear and gets her to commit to the wedding.

Beth and Greg meet with everyone's favorite young Waterville sole practitioner, Jim "Johnny Pisspot" Stansel (Michael Cera.) Pisspot talks a big game, but when he hears that the case is against the United States Government, he has to ask his desk to hold his calls.

June 24th, 1981, 6:29 pm.

Dinner! Claude Dumet invites Susie to have a private meal with him in his cabin, while in the mess hall, Coop finally gets some alone time with Donna and his new butt-rock clothes. For a couple of seconds, anyway, before Yaron parks himself between them and explains how a turd is something you do in the toilet and the triangle is the strongest shape (was he one of Prof. Newman's students?) Andy slaps a kid's tray out of his hands, which is pretty rad, but not nearly as cool as when he throws a fart at Katie and finally makes the Duchess of Snobville crack a smile.

The chase continues, like a hawk vs a chameleon, perfect hunting versus perfect stealth.

Ben and McKinley practice their Zoot Suit number, and this seems like it might more definitely be a moment between them. If so, it's pretty cute.

Pisspot is pretty excited about the case, especially the rock-solid proof against Xenstar in the form of that dot-matrix printout, but he's racked with self-doubt and the gin-shakes. Heartened by Beth's faith in him, he stays on and recommends the two counselors lay low until the lawyer meeting that night. The two do so, giving themselves some cute little touch-ups on their hair and fucking.

Lindsay is still all about the Mystery of Eric and the Mysterious Cabin of Mystery, so she asks J.J. to come along with her. He tries to beg off, but she promises to let him touch her boob if he goes, in one of those deals that absolutely happens as often in life as it does on tv.

June 24th, 1981, 6:55 pm.

In Claude's cabin, Claude basically hurls wine at Susie while Susie talks about her career path. Claude proposes sex, which Susie isn't so sure about, but Claude is sure enough for the both of them and there's obviously no gross power imbalance so it's fine.

At the wedding, the wedding isn't happening yet due to acute lack of groom. Where is the groom, you ask? Still hunting for Victor blood! Gary is able to get in there to stop the madness and get Jonas to his waiting bride, and once there he eagerly comes clean about his past. Joyful and in love, if still a bit confused about the whole "names" thing, the two get married - almost. Jeff from the County Clerk's office objects, and all agree that it'd be a mistake not to let him and Gail explore whether there's anything "there," you know? So naturally those two get married instead and Jonas scampers back into the kitchen to pull out his old Romeo y Julietta box of war stuff and fully transform into "Gene.

J.J. runs away before he and Lindsay can make it to the cabin, just like his dad always said he would, and Lindsay must go on alone. Inside she finds, you guessed it, Eric (Chris Pine) who offers a word of warning: "Put your paw in the honeypot, it just might get stuck." He chases her off like she's Nymeria or something and pulls a Tab from the fridge, but it just ain't right anymore.

He grabs his guitar, strums it, and brings a little bit of light back into this world.
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The Mennonite thing wasn't a lie.
posted by maxsparber at 11:01 AM on August 5, 2015

Um... they were with each other several times earlier that day. We saw them.
posted by Navelgazer at 11:11 AM on August 5, 2015

No, the fact that she is a Mennonite isn't a lie, as we discover at the wedding.

In a way, however, she was never with him. She was with Jonas. She doesn't meet Gene until the wedding.

Mennote tradition UPHELD!
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Christopher Meloni was crushing it this episode.
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[Victor] Why don't you go fuck a soup?
[Jonas, menacingly] How 'bout I cook you like a soup? I'll simmer you and filter you through cheesecloth for stock
[Neil] What's he saying?
[Jonas] Then I'll add fresh vegetables and grains. And once I'm done, I'm going to kill you.
[Victor] He says he's gonna kill me like a soup. Should I hang up? I'm not sure what to do. Should I say thank you?
[Neil, whispering] No, don't. Don't.
[Victor] Thank you.

And then the skipping chase through the woods! So good!

Pisspot talks a big game, but when he hears that the case is against the United States Government, he has to ask his desk to hold his calls.

That was also so good! I'm not entirely sure why, but it was.
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I should mention that one of my closest friends is in actuality a young solo-practitioner attorney in Waterville, ME, for all I know the only one, and regularly takes on the government, and I got a massive kick out of this storyline.
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Michael Cera playing the jaded lawyer at the end of his career, while looking 16 and being about 20 years younger than the rest of the cast was hilarious.
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End of his career? I guess I could see that, but I just I took him to be a run-of-the-mill hack lawyer, good enough to defend those who may or may not have urinated in public, but clearly no match for Big Law or The Government. I didn't see him emulating any particularly aged, jaded lawyer. But the age gap was indeed fantastic.
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I feel like pop culture already decided we hit Peak Michael Cera a few years back yet I'm not ready to be done with him. He needs to be in more things.
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Also I love Chris Pine in this. I'm not even a big Chris Pine fan or anything, it's just perfect casting.
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Mrs. P and I were watching the Star Trek reboot last night, and I just giggled every time Chris Pine was in it, remembering WHAS:FDoC. He is so hilarious in the show; I hope he does more comedy and less leading man stuff.
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I'm wondering...Do you think that the Yaron character was written to be played by Justin Theroux, and maybe there was a scheduling conflict so David Wain had to do it? It's essentially the same part that Theroux played in The Baxter, The Ten, and Wanderlust.
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Do you think that the Yaron character was written to be played by Justin Theroux, and maybe there was a scheduling conflict so David Wain had to do it?

Now that you say that, it sounds right, but it never stopped being funny to me seeing David Wain playing that role.
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It took me until this episode to realize that the Jim-Morrison-In-A-Cabin is my boyfriend Chris Pine!, who now has played Mister Mojo Risin, Shatner, and one of Sondhiem's oh-so-silly princes, as well as maybe the idiot singer from "Almost Famous" and by extension, Robert Plant. I want him in everything almost as much as I want Janeane Garofalo in everything.
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Michael Cera in this reminds me of Liz Lemon's teenage agent in the David Byrne suit from 30 Rock.
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One of the subtlest Chris Pine jokes is when Katie says her boyfriend Josh Charles looks like a younger Larry Wilcox. This is funny because

-no he does NOT, and
-One of Larry Wilcox’s costars on CHiPS was Robert Pine, Chris Pine’s father

(Robert Pine was also the leader of the Zorp cult on Parks & Rec, which is my favorite theory for how Chris Pine ended up in the orbit of this wonderful group of weirdos)
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I already know there is no justice in the world, so I know what not to expect, but still: Christopher Meloni deserves an Emmy nomination for the skipping alone.
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