Scream: In the Trenches
August 12, 2015 2:00 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Emma tries to save a friend from the killer's dangerous game of hide and seek before time runs out.
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I'm curious if anyone else is watching this and what their reactions are.

Will's death and all the little red herrings the show has been peppering along have begun to grate on me, as it seems what constitutes a clue and what doesn't is purely a choice of the writers. The killer's tractor wire rig was rather impressive, and if Scream were a proper mystery, the killer’s incredible engineering skills would be a clue that would narrow down the list of suspects. Instead, there's little chance it'll be considered in the next episode, and nobody will question how the killer(s) also happens to be Lakewood's engineering, acting, sound designing, bodybuilding savant(s).
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YES thank you for posting this. This show is such a wasteland/I love this dumb show and its dumb hashtags.

Sad to see Will gone, though, I liked how he sometimes looked like he was a robot wearing a just-too-tight human skin suit and sometimes just pure CGI.
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I am currently of the mind that Jake has something to do with it, that knife sticking out of his heart should have killed him, no? But that could be just poor writing.

Also very curious about anyone and everyone's crackpot theories about Brooke's mom.
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I feel like the killer has to be the sheriff and his son, if only because it would allow the writers to get out of the weird double romance they're setting up, but I agree that Jake's stabbing was suspicous, and reminded me of the parts in Screams 1 and 4 in which one of the killers was trying to stab the other as a set-up. I think a lot of these suspicious scenes (like the journalist not being killed) are more due to needing constant suspense to sustain a ten episode season.

I imagine Brooke's mom has to be alive, if only because I have no idea what crazy excuse the dad was planning to give when she simply never came back from rehab.
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This is just delightful trash. I haven't watched anything on MTV in probably more than 10 years, and I like to think that if The Kids These Days are into this sort of thing, I finally have some kind of "in" to a piece of their alien culture.

I like that they've been killing off major characters way before the end of the season (starting with -- are we spoiling? -- that one a few episodes ago).
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I don't see any reason not to discuss plot details.

My favorite part of this episode is when Noah and Emma are walking into the bowling alley. The camera stays behind them and we see Noah wearing a backpack. We switch to a closer angle and he's no longer wearing a backpack. The camera returns to the original angle and Noah's wearing a backpack again.
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