Angel: Rm w/a Vu
August 13, 2015 5:49 AM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Cordelia gets a great new apartment, but there's a catch. A ghooostly catch. The boring B-plot is that Doyle owes a demon some money, but then Angel kills the demon with that neck-snap move that everyone loved for a few years.
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I really love this episode. Cordelia's in a bad, lost place even without a ghost messing with her, and the sense of triumph felt when she finally reconnects with her mean girl strength is so great and much needed. And Phantom Dennis is one of my favourite minor characters in the early series.
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I wrote a story for this that remains one of my favourites because it was just so nice to watch the episode afterwards with my own little backstory for Dennis, and to imagine Cordelia's ghost roommate hijinks against the increasing bleakness of her life that season.
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Hearing the name Aura is a blast from the Sunnydale past. When was the last time we heard her name on Buffy? I’m trying to think of “what’s going on in Sunnydale” at that point. Werewolves and cave-beer, I guess.

“It was like the soviet secret police if they cared a lot about shoes” is a good line.

“Man, you know I was crazy about her, and I was wearing her down, too.” Ugh Doyle ugh. I feel like the things he says didn’t bug me as much the first time. Reading Metafilter has heightened my awareness of gross Nice Guy-ism.

“You have mousse? Of course you do.” Of course Angel has mousse. I will never get tired of cracks about Angel’s carefully-coiffed hair, which sticks up and is bloody stupid.

How does Angel afford a leather chair (and everything else) anyway?

Cordelia: “Yes, and part of being perfect is that there being one tiny flaw for me to fix.” I didn’t realize Cordelia was secretly Niles Crane. She handles the ghosts better than he would have.

Doyle: “Cordy, it says ‘die’!”
Cordy: “Hey, maybe it’s not done. Maybe it’s ‘diet’ (I can't not think of that Simpsons episode.)

Interesting twist at the end, as well as featuring a nice moment for Cordelia, receiving strength from her inner bitchiness; this happens more than once for her (it’s a little like what happens in Homecoming).

Beth Grant!

I also like Dennis, and wish to subscribe to his ghost newsletter.
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How does Angel afford a leather chair (and everything else) anyway?

The Powers That Be is actually OfficeMax.
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