Angel: Sense & Sensitivity
August 13, 2015 5:56 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Det. Kate Lockley is back in the main plot, as Wolfram & Hart send a little magic her way to free a mob boss. It doesn't work, of course, thanks to Angel, who W&H has now officially taken an interest in.

We also meet Kate's father, who is exactly like we thought he would be, and even after the magical oversharing, he's still a dick. (According to episode writer Tim Minear, that was Joss Whedon's tweak.)
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I loved this episode! Comedy gold.
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I think I would like this episode more if not for the ever-increasing reporting of horrific police brutality. It's kind of funny, but treating the idea of trying to understand the people we interact with, "criminals" or no, beyond quipping and beating them up as a huge joke to show how bad it is doesn't sit well with me. Maybe that's not the intention (I doubt it is), but that's how it comes off now. Kate is portrayed as very closed-off, and in a way that's consistent, but seems at odds with her fairly open initial conversation with Angel when she's introduced as well.

The thematic link between Angel and Kate in this sense is decently well done, and I generally get a kick out of Angel playing a loud and obnoxious person to disorient his enemies. I'm glad the ending worked out the way it did, rather than with a hug. Kate's speech at the retirement party is so, so cringe-inducing. I don't think I can actually watch it again.

(Finally finished watching the series last night! No more fear of spoilers!)
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