Angel: I Will Remember You   Rewatch 
August 20, 2015 6:06 AM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Angel turns human after defeating a Mohra demon, but realizes that being able to love is less important than being able to kick ass.

Angel seems to think that "vampire with a soul" is the happy medium between being human and being invincible. Also, he calls Buffy "Sarah" for some unknown reason as she begs him not to turn back time and erase the day.
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(Administrative note: in a spectacular bit of timing, I will be unable to post next week. If anyone wants to take up the mantle for the far more significant "Hero" and "Parting Gifts", that would be great.)
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I think this is the one where SMG cried so much they had to shut down the set for more than an hour. Me, I was never super invested in their relationship, so I found my self wondering what the meetup between Buffy and her dad would have been like at this point in the series. (Does she ever tell him she's the Slayer?) I was just thinking that of course it's Xander who accidentally Freudian slips up and tells Buffy. He still subconsciously (and probably consciously) hates the guy.

The whole "Angel has a stake and they think he's suicidal but he's just using it to level his desk" bit is kind of dumb. I think what also gets to me about the Pangs crossover is that Buffy says "I don't need you skulking around, trying to protect me. Unless, of course, I'm in some gigantic fight to the death, which - I was last night." I mean, yes, they were under siege, but they are just about every week. I never really got why that fight was so much more dangerous. I suppose they just needed it to emphasize the he-helps-her, can't deal with her having to save him later thing.
I suppose Angel - Vampire = Riley, essentially.

One of my favourite things both the shows do is occasionally lampoon the drama-heavy nature of the Buffy-Angel relationship, from The Zeppo to here, with Cordelia making cracks. The best one is when Wesley (going through this for the second time, it's weird that he's not in the cast yet) and Cordelia re-enact their version of the relationship to catch Fred up to speed. It's just so much fun.

Angel stuffing his face with food is pretty entertaining. Rule #1: if demon blood gets on you in an obvious way, something weird is going to happen. At least Buffy doesn't have to cut out the heart of a demon and feed it to him.

It's kind of weird, what with the Shanshu Prophecy and all, that Angel has two options to achieve his dream: 1. Avert the Apocalypse, save all of humanity. 2. Poke a Mohra demon.

The Buffyverse has a weird obsession with Sarah McLachlan, using her songs in the Buffy S2 and S6 finales and then the title of this episode. So, clearly, when Angel says "Sarah," he was thinking about Sarah McLachlan.
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With this episode and the Gem of Amarra a few weeks back, that's twice Angel has turned down something that would greatly uncomplicate his life. In both cases it does make a certain amount of sense, and is a nice aspect of his character to be duty bound and do things the right way, even if they're much harder. As the show gets more and more gray that character is often compromised, leading to working inside the belly of the beast in Season 5. It's an interesting progression that will be fun to track.
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