Dark Matter: Episode Twelve
August 28, 2015 9:41 AM - Season 1, Episode 12 - Subscribe

The crew's handler sends them on a seemingly simple retrieval op that involves a scientist being held against his will on a remote world. This snatch and grab, however, quickly devolves into a horrifying ordeal, which reunites one member of the crew with a powerful individual from her past.

Guest starring Wil Wheaton and David Hewlett!
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I'm pretty much sold on this episode for the android's line, "I'm a machine, with friends".

I don't know if this is good television but I always want to watch the next episode.
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No post for the finale?
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I haven't watched the finale yet, so here are some quick thoughts on this one:

- Maybe he's growing on me, but Space Ross was pretty much not annoying at all this episode.


- As soon as they said "White hole" I was expecting this...

- They can't seem to decide whether to make the crew more dangerous/scary or more likable. For instance, we learn that #4 was the deciding vote in letting #5 stay on the ship -- apparently she was part of the crew before the memory-wipe.

- #2, though, just gets more dangerous.

- Imaginary Android was back... and we got to see the android off-ship. I know the FX are cheesy but I thought the scene of her stepping out the back of the ship, sans parachute, without hesitation, was awesome.
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Is he really evil?
Aside from the beard....

I want this show back next year. And Killjoys. And Defiance... although Defiance kinda got an ending.

The last three months of SyFy Saturdays have been a joy to me.
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Favourite Android line: "Wan't me to help you blow stuff up?". And then you don't get to see the 'splosions...
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I am way late to the party here I realize, but I have to say... For someone who seems to be extremely competent in a lot of things, the android sure gets knocked out a lot.
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