America's Next Top Model: The Girl Who Gets Possessed
September 9, 2015 7:01 PM - Season 22, Episode 6 - Subscribe

The models get a visit from a former winner and dress up like spooooooky flying vampires.
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I did not recognize Whitney Thompson (winner of cycle 10) at all, between the weight gain, the brown hair and how tall she looked. I feel like she was short during her season. Tyra really did run out of tall people in these later years.

Nyle really did a 180 after last week's critique. So few contestants on ANTM are able to do that- usually they wither away under the criticism.
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And how much did we love Nyle sitting on the bus while the girls screamed at each other, rubbing it in via text that he feels bad for anyone who has to listen.

Kelly Cutrone may be a PR maven, but she's a terrible actress- "Ok, how about Mikey and Mame make out right now?" Not a setup at all, nope, no way.
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I was really hoping we'd get a teach from Tyra this week on how to pull cray possessed faces. I am disappoint.
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I'm not a huge fan of Hadassah, but I'm totally on her side in this episode. Don't walk in on people in the bathroom, and if you do, you gotta leave asap.

I liked Ava, but she did seem to be getting weaker in the competitions. I also like how this show is pretty strictly week-to-week competition, where someone can be on top and quickly fall to the bottom and vice versa.
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Ava's hair! OMG that hair. And maybe it's wrong but I smiled when they told her she looked like she belonged at the mall. Not even because it was true, just because they hadn't said that to somebody in awhile and I miss it.
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Holy shit, Whitney has changed. I didn't recognise her.

As soon as I saw Ava at the judging I thought of a girl at the mall wearing a jacket by George at Walmart. She looked ... sad.

I'm starting to hate Mikey, arrogant asshole. But Nyle, OMG that man is gorgeous. I don't think he'll win, he still looks a little old to me. But let's keep him there with no shirt on for as long as possible.
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