Under the Dome: The Enemy Within (Finale)
September 11, 2015 7:27 AM - Season 3, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Big Jim and the other resistance fighters make one last attempt to prevent the Kinship and their new queen from infecting the world outside the dome.

Her name is Dawn and she's the Queen now. The resistance has been rounded up. Various deals are made as people prepare for the Dome to come down. When it does, the military is right on the spot, handcuffing the survivors but Dawn is missing. An official story is prepared that doesn't mention aliens; Acktaion is the fall guy. The story skips to one year later as the resisters regroup and prepare to track down Dawn who has just found another mini-egg.

Best quote:
Big Jim (to Barbie):On the plus side, she does have your eyes.

AV recap
EW recap

CBS website says this is Episode 12 for some reason.
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The new queen wanted to leave Julia and Jim in jail because they were never infected. But Lily got to go free because she's there to push the wheelchair? Oh, I guess it was because the recordings don't mention Lily. But I'm still trying to pretend the super powered new queen isn't actually getting all her info via taped messages.

Revisiting old sets (cement factory, jail, creepy bomb shelter) was a nostalgic tour of all the other terrible storylines we've had.

I did chuckle at Jim keeping the key tied to the Dog's collar.

So Season 4 was supposed to be Congressmen Jim and his super squad trying to find Carmen Sandiego before she puts up new domes. The V reboot did this where the last 10 minutes hint at a better show than the last season you muddled your way through. This one still doesn't make sense but at least we would have new scenery, a more realistic timeline and no Junior.
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I also loved that the queen referred to their time in "The Matrix". The townspeople made that comparison before, but even the aliens don't have a better name for that process?
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I don't think anyone wants another season - right folks??

Jim killing his son then crying... of course, get rid of the worse character just in case they do.
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Huh, this episode was actually sort of good. By Dome standards, which after those four weeks trapped had deteriorated greatly. Anyway kind of a nice tie-up of a lot of loose ends and characters and stories. Almost rushed, really. The show is well and truly cancelled and I am grateful to be free from Under the Dome. OTOH seeing Dean Norris in Congressman drag was hilarious and I almost find myself wishing to see that show. Then the emotion comes over me and I snap free of the amethyst-kinship-trance and I want to cut that part of my brain out.
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Murder by golden baseball: a rare reference to the book!

"That dog is... the KEY to my heart." I suspect Dean Norris had to resist the temptation to add a giant DID YOU GET MY CLEVER CODED MESSAGE wink.
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I was confused by that golden baseball murder scene. What was the point? Were we supposed to know who the hapless victim was? I suppose the scene was to remind us of Big "Big" Jim's brutality, particularly the callback to Junior's rape cellar full of guns. Amazing how all that survived after the house was burned down. Still it just seemed a bit superflous.
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Reading the post over on the blue just now, reminded me. That whole scene in the tunnel where Barbie has "weakened the board". Why didn't super-power Dawn just jump over the ravine?

Also did anyone think, at the very end when it was a closeup of those three boys, that they were actually alien kids and that they'd be looking at a Dome with a town inside? I guess that was probably deliberate, huh?
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Here's the post over on the blue in question, which is nominally a link to the last recap from The Dome but really a chance for all those people who escaped from Under the Dome early to talk about how terrible the show was. They should have stayed with us, The Kinship of Terrible TV! Maybe they'd be a congressman or an NSA agent or a badass motorcycle tourist now.
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