2015 TV Fall lineup
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The new US network TV premiere season is beginning, should we coordinate on what shows are being submitted to the TV-category listing? Call dibs on starting pilot threads?
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I see someone already got "The Bastard Executioner" added to the show-listing dropdown menu. I've put in for "The Muppets" just now (I'm not calling dibs on posting the thread, just wanted to get the show in there as I'm sure there will be a need for it). I'm planning on checking out Minority Report, Blindspot, Scream Queens, Limitless, and Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris, and Moonbeam City when they start, but I don't know if any of them will warrant discussion threads or continued watching.
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AVClub Fall TV Preview, part 1.
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I will check out Life in Pieces, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Neil Patrick Harris, and may try Angel from Hell, Dr. Ken, depending on reviews/how bad they look. I'm kinda intrigued by Supergirl, but I don't generally like superhero stories, so we'll see. Other people are welcome to dibs on all of these, but I'll throw something up a day or two after airing if no one else does, at least for the pilot.
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Pickings look pretty slim this year, but I'm sure I'll watch Con Man, I might try Benders and Casual. The Art of More may be a possibility same with Limitless. I'll give Blindspot a second episode, ditto with Supergirl,and will definitely check out Jessica Jones, although I have qualms about the casting, and the way the material will be adapted.
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I added "The Bastard Executioner"; unfortunately it has been panned so I doubt I'll put much effort into watching it. Still, might as well give it a go..
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Okay, so Life in Pieces was okay, but like a whiter, straighter, more boring version of Modern Family. The one character I really wanted to know more about I figured out by the end of the episode is completely tertiary. So I can do a post, if people want to discuss it, but I'm obvs not super excited.
On the other hand, I can't do a post for Neil Patrick Harris's show, because I couldn't make it more than a few minutes into the absolute horribleness that it is composed of. Just couldn't. So instead of doing a post for it, I'll say if you're on the fence about watching it, here's a review from AV Club. I've seen them give a B- to a show that they thought had a glimmer of possibility that I thought was horrendous. They gave Best Time Ever a D.
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Pretty much every new show I watched this week has a post up except for "Limitless", "The Player", and "Heroes Reborn", but I don't much care enough about any of them to get them added. (I mean, Heroes Reborn was bad enough for a gripe-watch/wtf thread, but it's not like I didn't know it was going to suck before I started watching.)
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Yeah, I just added a Heroes Reborn post, but I don't know how much mental effort I want to devote to it.
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Ha, and now there's a Heroes thread started in the time it took me to write that comment.
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