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We need something to keep us occupied while we wait with bated breath to find out if and when we'll be getting a fourth season of Hannibal. And thus Cannibal Club was born.

One of our fellow fannibals tel3path was the first to propose a post-season 3 finale re-watch/re-read of the Hannibal canon in chronological order. We'll start off by opening a club talk post to facilitate discussion of Hannibal Rising (the book) in anticipation of our first official club event, a re-watch of Hannibal Rising (the movie). I don't think we have set dates yet for when we'll cover the rest of the material, but we can hash that out here or come up with the exact dates as we go.
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Okay troops, the chronologically first book has 60 chapters and I think we all can manage a chapter a day. When we've done our duty we can watch the movie.

After that we can move on to the good stuff.

Long-term schedule is here. And if anyone knows of a video recording of the Silence! musical, do link it post-haste!

As for me, I have only read the prologue today and it immediately solidified why the first half of S1 was structured the way it was. Others in the fandom have told me it is essential education, and they were right. So let's get to it, dedicated Fannibals.
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I probably should have posted a link to the club page. Here it is.
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Okay, since apparently I'm determined not to do any work today, I went ahead and created a gmail account that's just for the cannibal club so that I could set up a public calendar. Here's the link to the calendar. I wanted to see how exactly the chapter a day thing would work out if based on being chapter 1. I thought we could use this as a way to tentatively pace out our discussion in the Hannibal Rising book club talk thread. We could also just say anything goes in the book thread, but if anyone is interested in doing a more in depth discussion of the book, I thought this might be one way to go about it.

(I read the whole book in one go yesterday, but I think I'm going to go in again and re-read it according to this chapter a day schedule so that I can savor it and absorb the back story more thoroughly.)
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Joined! Woot! I am getting the book from the library on Tuesday. This will be interesting, because I have not read Hannibal Rising, only Red Dragon and Hannibal.
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One other thing we should discuss at some point is how we'll handle re-watch of season 1 and season 2, since re-watch threads have already been posted for those episodes. I'm not sure if we're even allowed to repost new re-watch threads, but I also don't know if we'd want to do that anyway.

One idea I had is that we could wait and only add the "cannibal_club" tag to an episode when we're ready to discuss it, so the episodes will post to the cannibal club home page one at a time. That way we wouldn't be spamming the front page of fanfare, and we could build off previous discussions in those threads, but also maintain our re-watch order.

Alternatively, I guess we could do a new re-watch thread for each episode and designate it "books included" (sort of in the same tradition of Games of Throne).

Once we get to season 3, we won't have to worry about this since there are only first watch threads for that.
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I'll probably look in from time to time but not participate much if at all. I'm not really one of the core MeFi Hannibal thread kids, though everyone has been very nice about letting me barge in. I've got so much else to read for work and play and not much interest in the books/films, just the show.

Plus I need to get some distance from it and do cheerful and distracting things for a while. Between vicarious sorrow for all the broken characters that Fuller stoked all season long, the singularity and irreplaceability of the show, the usual season/series finale melancholy, the cancellation and "narrative cut short" grief that accumulated since June, and the rage-y injustice that the most creative genius in TV apparently cannot be allowed to finish anything, even his greatest thing, this is the worst case of show-ending-bereavement ever. And it won't get any better if I wallow. Shit, I was listening to an album today featuring this bouncy little song, and the lyrics had me semi-teary and "Poor Will, poor Hannibal" within a minute. So I should concentrate on butterflies and kittens etc. until it fades.
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No but you see, this is to keep us occupied until Season 4 is announced, which it will be. WE HAVE TO KEEP THE FAITH.
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If I've got the loss out of my system by the S2 rewatch, I may swing by for that -- I finished an S1 rewatch in July.
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Dearest Cannibal Club Members,

I have not posted anything on Metafilter for years. I am a shadowy lurker. And I have not been in a fandom since I was a teenager (32 now), when I was all in with fanart-fanfic-fansite-mailing list levels of obsession for animated films.

A few weeks ago I watched all 3 seasons of Hannibal with my boyfriend. I loved it, but with calm, poise, and a sense that my adult life was waiting for me at the other side. All was well.

Then, my boyfriend innocently mentioned, "Soooo, have you read the huge FanFare thread about the finale, yet? It's over 1000 comments, pretty crazy." I had not. In the following hours, I drank deeply of that deathly thread. Something sinister sliced into my skull, lovingly removing and consuming the most vital control centers of my brain.

You have changed me, you monsterous Mifi Fannibals. I have become. Obsessed. Reading all the fanfics, pouring over gif sets and tumblr debates, considering blowing the dust off of my Twitter account and starting up a blog. Compelled to produce fanart (I'd left that behind!! I'm a professional artist these days!!)

Hannibal is all I can think about, and you monsters, you did this to me. Thank you so much, you've ruined my life, and I love you, as I am now changed and one of you.

(if this was the wrong place to post this, please let me know. I just needed to condemn you all in writing and this was the best place I could find. I love you and want you all to die.) <3
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WE DID A THING. I'm so happy. Welcome! Start that blog and show us your art!
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Pleased to meet you, Sarah Lena. Getting one more person onto this ship of fools lets me know my life hasn't been a complete waste after all.
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Okay, I can't seem to edit the calendar, but my suggestion is that we go straight from watching Hannibal Rising on Saturday, to watching Season 1 Episode 1 on Sunday, because we're going to need it as a palate cleanser.

Thereafter, we can chew on an episode a week. There will be plenty to do, what with script comparisons and chronological matching of works cited. I don't think I can annotate any faster than that, actually. The chapters of Hannibal Rising have been only a few pages each but it's been quite time consuming.
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