The Mindy Project: While I Was Sleeping
September 16, 2015 12:01 PM - Season 4, Episode 1 - Subscribe

In which Mindy experiences a parallel universe.

Disregarding the implausibility of Danny and Morgan travelling to India and back in what seemed to be a single day, this was a delight. A couple of lovely cameos from Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Kunal Nayyar, and a final scene that made me cry.
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I discovered by surprise that Mindy was back. Thankfully, there's no discernible drop in the quality of the show and watching Danny suffer Boston love because he was burdened with guilt was a delight. Morgan a failed recruiting attempt for the Taliban was great, "I could go blow up a bus! No, wait...."

The It's a Wonderful Life But In Color and Not Boring for Mindy was entertaining, but definitely felt a little forced. I don't think Mindy really needed to have some kind of life changing experience to make her want to be with Danny, with or without a marriage.
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Just finished watching, loved it, so happy that Hulu picked it up! I felt that it was an improvement over the network version. Production values, editing, shooting all looked better. VERY funny and tight - I tried not to laugh out loud because I would miss the next joke.

Up to a point, I don't care much if the plots are contrived (and they certainly were here). I just want to watch Mindy Kaling do her comedy. For me, all they need is a frame to hang jokes on, and please god not too much drama and soapy bs. (I admit that Chris Messina is able to make me cry, though, too.)

I liked the Boston bit, too. Also, when Joseph Gordon-Levitt appeared, I said, "Too bad she couldn't get Michael Fassbender," and then there was a Michael Fassbender joke. Ha!
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It felt like the episode was slightly longer than usual (without commercials); if it was, it showed. On Fox, it was too jam packed with stuff whereas this episode felt like it had room to breathe (even though I agree it was was very tight and I know I missed jokes from laughing).

Mindy's parents were perfect and, as a long time fan of Mindy's brother who has been waiting for more of her family, worth the wait.
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I completely agree about Mindy's parents, I don't think they could have been written any better to make one understand and appreciate who Mindy and her brother are today. It was well cast and well written.
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I really enjoyed the episode. Something about the A plot being a dream and the B plot being real but still cutting back and forth between them as though they're happening simultaneously was weirdly appealing to me.

I loved Mindy's parents.
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This was a great episode of television. I'm so glad it got picked up by Hulu, it might be my favorite show.
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Mindy's parents were indeed perfect and non-stereotypical (we didn't need a stereotypical conflict here), which is underlined by how little Danny and Morgan know about anything to do with India (including how long it takes to get there and back, unless Mindy slept for a scarily long time, or we can just assume dream logic). It makes total sense why Mindy is such a believer in love, and it's great to see her parents' love of and support for her (honestly, we need more "supportive parents" on TV, but maybe that's because I watch too many shows by Joss Whedon).

I'm getting a little sick of "Danny is a dick, comes around" plots, but they really sold this one. The little hitch in his voice when he says "I want to believe" at the end of the proposal made my heart happy in a way that had really been lacking through a lot of the last season, which is why TMP had gone from "I need to watch this awesome show, which I love, immediately" in season two to feeling my heart sink until I was almost completely blank about it. I have hope again. I want to believe.

Enjoyed JGL in this, and it was interesting to see the "Mindy indulges herself without Danny" subplot, but yeah, they don't both need epiphanies, because she already knows what she wants. Brendon Deslaurier is so damn creepy when he smells her hair, and the scene between Mindy and the Danny who hasn't talked to her in two years was surprisingly upsetting. It's nice to revisit the scene on the plane, and the "why didn't you just kiss me" scene in the rain was well done.

"Men who dance after 30 just look foolish"
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