Summer Campers - To Wong Foo is next, let's plan the rest of the summer
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Camp movies, 'camp' movies, or just solid summer classics, let's plan for next few weeks.

If you're just catching up:

July 1: Wet Hot American Summer
July 8: Jaws
July 15: Addams Family Values
July 22: Sleepaway Camp, crossover with Horror Club
July 29: Dirty Dancing (thread has been submitted for mod approval)
August 5: To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything
August 12:
August 19:
August 26:
September 2:

I was planning on stopping around Labor Day but we can continue on until the autumnal equinox if the group would like to do so.
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Great job closing the tag up there, me.

Here are some movie options, feel free to suggest more:
The Parent Trap (either one)
Little Darlings
Poison Ivy
The Sandlot
A Walk on the Moon
Red Dawn
Moonrise Kingdom
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Wasn't Meatballs on the agenda?
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I mentioned this in a very very old thread on the MeTa page, but does Dazed and Confused qualify?
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Robin Hood, Prince Of Thieves always feels like a quintessential summer movie to me. (And is rollicking good fun and has one of the great Alan Rickman performances.)

Stand By Me is great, very much about the summer as a transitional period between schools, and does involve a campout in the woods.
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One Crazy Summer?

I heart Savage Steve Holland.
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Were there other standouts from the poll you posted previously?
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I think if we were going to do Dazed and Confused we should have kicked off the series with it...It would seem weird to drop a "last day of school" movie in August/September. If we have enough quality leftovers to go again next year, we should keep it in mind.

We were planning for Meatballs on the 12th, because there are theatrical screenings of it in DC on the 10th and 11th (as part of a Harold Ramis retrospective series at the AFI Silver).

I'd be down for including Stand By Me or One Crazy Summer as possibilities...I haven't seen One Crazy Summer in a couple of decades, probably. Of the remaining ones listed above, I'd highlight The Sandlot and Heavyweights as personal favorites.
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Oh, yeah, I forgot about Meatballs, let's do that next week. One Crazy Summer looks great, it's on amazon instant video for rental too. If we wait until August 19th that should folks have enough notice to get it from the library or netflix-by-mail too. Stand By Me is a perfect choice.

August 5: To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything
August 12: Meatballs
August 19: One Crazy Summer
August 26: Stand By Me
September 2: ?

I've lost the poll results, which is kind of a bummer. Are there any back to school movies that anyone would like for September 2? Or any other fitting end of summer movies? Thinking about it now we really should have started with Dazed and Confused and ended with Wet Hot American Summer!
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Actually, Stand By Me would be a good "end of summer" one. Could that be moved to the end?
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sure okay

August 5: To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything
August 12: Meatballs
August 19: One Crazy Summer
August 26: ?
September 2: Stand By Me
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I keep leaning toward The Sandlot and Heavyweights for that last spot...

Maybe better to do Heavyweights for the sake of variety, since even though they don't really align genre-wise, The Sandlot and Stand By Me have explicit similarities.
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Stand By Me would be terrific to add as a summer movie.

Is anyone adding these to the wiki?
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