The Great British Bake Off: Patisserie
September 23, 2015 5:47 PM - Season 6, Episode 8 - Subscribe

No series of Bake Off would be complete without testing the bakers on patisserie, and what better time to do it than the quarter finals?

They start with a brief to create 24 cream horns for the signature challenge. Creating two different flavoured cream horns isn't enough for one ambitious baker who also makes two different types of pastry, while another hopes to appeal to Paul's inner child by making a banana and custard filling.

Mary sets mokatines as the technical challenge, delicate squares of light genoise sponge filled with coffee buttercream and then decorated with two types of icing. It's a fiddly challenge, and Mary and Paul want perfection, but which of our bakers can create cakes worthy of their praise?

If ever there was a challenge to define the word show-stopper, then this episode's brief to create a religieuse a l'ancienne is it. Three tiers of choux pastry eclairs filled with creme patissiere, beautifully iced and decorated with buttercream, the religieuse is a marvel to behold, yet leaves the bakers in fear. Time and gravity are against them as they to try create something that looks and tastes amazing and, crucially, stays standing.

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I'm convinced that some of these showstoppers haven't actually been made by anybody since Escoffier kicked the bucket. I did enjoy Flora hauling out the carpenter's level for hers.
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Ian has been coming across as much more humble and likeable in recent weeks and particularly in last night's episode. But I quite like not having anyone to dislike on the programme - it's part of what makes it so pleasant to watch unlike other reality tv shows.

What was Nadiya thinking with those horrible artificial flavours? She could have been star baker again if it hadn't been for those bubble gum flavour eclairs!

I'll miss Paul but looking forward to seeing him on "An Extra Slice" - do you get that in the States by the way? I'm sure they'll make much of his lion sculpture.
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An Extra Slice often pops up on youtube shortly after the episode airs. Nadiya strikes me as someone who has made about six kajillion birthday cakes and primarily bakes for her children's tastes, because I thought that was the kind of showstopper that would have been met with joy at a little kid's birthday party, while still technically satisfying to a baker with skills.
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Yay for Nadiya being star baker!

I've been collecting things that Tamal says. He's pretty consistently quite entertaining:
I feel like we're a herd of gazelles, that's being picked off one by one by lions. Mary and Paul are the lions... and they're hungry... for bakers.

Maybe mine will go in the window of a French patisserie that's a bit down on its luck, but plucky little guys, they just keep on going.

They've got a lot to carry on their little pastry shoulders. Big responsibility, guys!
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My main opinion about this episode, which it took me a while to get around to watching, is that bubblegum eclairs sound like the only baked good in the world I wouldn't eat, and yet I still think Nadiya should win.
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