America's Next Top Model: The Girl Who Got All Dolled Up
September 23, 2015 6:28 PM - Season 22, Episode 8 - Subscribe

The models create phone ads "STEM for Girls" Vine PSAs, and pose as dolls. DOUBLE ELIMINATION DAY!

Also, Nyle feels isolated since no one in the house makes an effort to include him in conversations, and Mikey and Devon don't want Courtney to fill Ashley's place in their little club.
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Wow, every time you think Devon can't be any more of a dickbag.

(Sad to see Bello go; he's not the strongest model but I definitely don't think he's the worst. Courtney, yeah, it was her time.)
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This was the week that I completely forgot Justin was still there. I agree with previous assertions that a Mamé/Lacey final seems inevitable, with Mikey as the third. I like Nyle a lot, and I really think he adds a lot to the show, but I don't think he'll make it to the end.

On a side note, I was describing this show's insanity over the weekend. Remember when Tyra tried to make "Pot Ledom" a thing and the models had to compose songs around it? Those were some good times.
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I see now that Pot Ledom came up in the previous episode thread, so I would like to also remind everyone of another memorable time she had them sing.
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Poor Courtney, desperately seeking validation from the biggest asshole in the house. It's so sad to watch. I hope she's able to watch the show when she goes home and recognize that she needs to grow up and develop her own self worth. And certainly not mope around the biggest dickweasels hoping to get their scraps.

And gosh, poor Nyle. I do not understand these spoiled little shits. There is a fine ass dude in the house who is LONELY and WANTS A FRIEND and nobody is talking to him, I mean, they're talking about him in the 3rd person while literally hanging onto him, what the hell. Nyle, if you're reading this, helloooo. I will talk to you and your fine ass in any language you want all day long. I may have already looked up how to say "you're hot" in an ASL dictionary.
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Preach! Preach! I will text and sign with his hotness all damn day, what is wrong with these people?????
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I thought Lacey looked like a blowup doll in her photo (close that mouth!). And this was the first week where I liked Devon's photo, which the judges didn't like.

Surprised that the Vogue ignorance didn't get found out until now. Courtney has been on the outs for a few weeks, but had something like that been found out earlier then she would have had an opportunity to literally study up. Not that she would have necessarily taken the opportunity, but it would have existed. As is, it kinda looks like she was bounced for having never seen a magazine, even though that's clearly not the case.
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Ugh, the fakery of this show is becoming too much even for me - and I love RHONYC. What an utterly idiotic set of tasks the models had to complete this week. The video idea was silly and the doll posing was ridiculous. But I also liked Devon's picture this week. Courtney was well past her sell-by date, and Bell-end had worn out his welcome with me a long time ago.

I think (hope) Mikey might go soon - he's not improving and he's nowhere near as good as he thinks he is. I think it'll be Nyle-Lacey-Mame in the final. I'd love to see Nyle win, but I think it'll be Lacey. I also think Nyle might struggle on the Go-see challenge, unless he can have his ASL interpreter with him, which I hope they will allow. He's absolutely gorgeous and his doll pose was perfect.

Pot Ledom - I had tried to block that out of my mind. Gah!
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FYI: effective immediately, I guess, the CW moved ANTM to Friday nights. So the episode I thought would be on tonight will really be on Friday!
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"FYI: effective immediately, I guess, the CW moved ANTM to Friday nights"

I was wondering! Yikes, isn't that usually the KOD for TV shows?
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ANTM changes nights all the time, often in the middle of a season like this.

I suspect they did it so I personally would no longer have the dreaded ANTM/Survivor conflict. Tyra's got my back.
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