Heroes Reborn: Brave New World / Odessa
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The two-hour opener of the 13-episode miniseries reintroduces us to Noah Bennet and introduces us to a bunch of new "Evos", as they call them now. A year ago (and four years after the end of the original series), a terrorist attack (blamed on Mohinder Suresh) destroyed a pro-Evo summit, killing Claire Bennet and leading to a crackdown on Evos.

"Wait..." you say, "Isn't Claire Bennet invulnerable? And why would an attack on a pro-Evo summit lead to a crackdown on them? And why would Suresh, a known pro-Evo scientist, be blamed for it?" Well, shut up and enjoy the ride, probably say the writers.

New Heroes include Katana Girl, who can inhabit a particular computer game; Tommy Clark, who can teleport people or things anywhere; El Vengador, who can die (and does); and a bunch of other ones who get massacred by Tough Guy Zachary Levi and his wife.
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I knew it was going to be bad, but it managed to be bad in ways I wasn't expecting.

I mean, it's been years since the show went off the air. Am I supposed to remember who Molly Walker is? The writers have to know that most people quit watching the show before it ended - I actually watched the whole thing, but damned if I can remember any of the details of who all the characters were and what happened to them.
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Yes, this is bad. I will probably end up either giving up entirely or hate-watching it. I had to look up Molly Walker to figure out whether I knew who she was. I didn't, but I guess she's like Lojak for Evos? Zachary Levi and his wife make no sense; she's terrible and he's stupid and what they're doing is beyond stupid. Teleporter kid went from not knowing how to control his powers to being able to use them at will because the plot demanded it. Why not just remove the line about him not knowing how to control his powers? Is it because you are a bad writer? Katana Girl is cliched and not explained at all, so we utterly fail to give a crap about her. I have residual give-a-crap about Noah Bennet from the original show but that may be fading fast.

So hate-watching, probably, I guess.
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"My name is Carlos Gutierrez. For five years I was stranded in a desert with only one goal: survive. Now I will fulfill my brother's dying wish. To use the list of names he left me and bring down those who are poisoning my city. To do this, I must become someone else. I must become.. something else."

Suresh was right!

I barely remember the last half of heroes. I would have sworn horn-rimmed glasses guy was dead, along with Suresh.... But I didn't think it was bad, they just got off to a bad start. I'm hoping they're just bad at exposition. Now they have the characters set up, lets see what they do with them. (Hopefully they'll kill some of them off so they can dedicate more time to plot lines that are actually interesting.)
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I had to look up Molly Walker to figure out whether I knew who she was. I didn't, but I guess she's like Lojak for Evos?

Yes, which illustrates a thing I hate about meta-powers (i.e., superpowers that affect or are affected by other superpowers) -- why can she find them? If there's a consistent mutation or brain structure* or whatever that gives people powers, then why doesn't it express the same (or very similar) powers in every person? Genes do things, and they do them pretty consistently, not wildly different things based on nothing else.

* -- I almost didn't hate it when Sylar did it, but ugh.
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This is dramatically better than Heroes was after its first season. Make of this what you will. I think making Noah the main character is wise. Hiro is Katana Girl's dad, right?
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Yeah, I'm assuming Hiro is katana girl's dad. We haven't seen Hiro as yet but we know he pops back up + well, katana. Yatta!

I didn't realize how much I'd missed HRG. I like teleporter kid but they needed to have more of him not being able to control his powers. Does his crush also have powers because she was immediately pretty sympathetic to him and his powers, awfully interested in figuring out wtf was going on with his powers, etc.,

I'm also assuming Zachary Levi's character is going to end up being super helper guy since he's sort of already in the process of not being on board with killing evos. CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW HORRIBLE CALLING THEM EVOS IS? Because ugh.

I am pissed about the Haitian. I was SO happy to see that guy.
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How can Hiro be Katana Girl's dad? He didn't have a kid...

ohhhh space time manipulation or whatever. Yeah.

Jack Coleman was always the best thing about Heroes. I assume he will be the best thing about this, too. I hope he isn't the only good thing.
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I was thinking about katana girl. I figure she's either Hiro's daughter or the writers are messing with us.

The pictures in her dad's study didn't really look like Hiro but they only showed the pictures out of focus. The author on the manga also didn't look like Hiro.

We know from the original series that Hiro has the sword in the future.

What power does Carlos have? He was drinking to deaden something just like all the other evos. We know his nephew has powers and so did his brother.
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I'm pretty mixed about this. The slaughter of six people mere minutes into the show really put me off quite a bit (I have a pretty low tolerance anymore for graphic bloodshed in shows that don't really need such stuff to move the story along. It's just gratuitous and lazy writing, imho) so, I watched the rest of the show with a jaundiced eye. The body count in the later scene in the underground facility kind of capped it for me.

Yeah, I don't remember who Molly Wood was, either.

Katana Girl is probably the most interesting story from this premier. I hadn't thought about her father being Hiro. I have to think that's too obvious. But, then again, this is network tv. So...maybe?

Tommy's teleportation power was kind of cool. Now that he understands how it works (based on the thing he's thinking about) he can properly weaponize it. Which, c'mon, you know there's going to be a scene later on where he's think about outer space or some such.

Overall...I'll give it another shot.
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I stopped watching a couple of episodes into Season 2 and I think it's intresting so far. Better than Blindspot, which so far hasn't met a plot hole it didn't drive a truck through.
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Molly Walker was in the original show but she was like 10 or 11 years old.
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I am very interested in the fact that, while I'm otherwise quite happy to accept the premise that some people develop a wide variety of superpowers, I rebel strenuously at the idea of someone traveling into a video game. That's not how metaphysics or video games work, dammit!
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I think my reaction was similar to most. Better than S2+ of Heroes? Probably. Nonetheless, a total mess of plotting -- too many new characters at once, too many old characters they assume we remember all the details of. I'll give it a bit more of a chance, but it needs to reign itself in a bit and allow itself to be actually suspenseful as opposed to just confusing.

I rebel strenuously at the idea of someone traveling into a video game

Wholeheartedly agree. I can accept a lot of superpowers. I can even accept a superpower that allows one to interact with technology (e.g. like a built-in version of a datajack). However, a superpower where one literally dematerializes and then rematerializes in some sentient, mortal form within a computer game? You have got to be fucking kidding me.

(In fairness to the digital stuff, I did laugh at LEEROY JENKINS!)
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I can accept the metaphysics of Katana Girl since there seems to be some relationship between the physical works and this game world. So I see it less as get into games and more a tie to this specific one. That said, it was by and far what I found the least interesting thing in the show and if you'd removed it entirely I'da been fine with it.

I had no recall of Molly the Living Cerebro but I didn't have a problem understanding her purpose from context. What exactly the hell Noah's plan was, on the other hand, I couldn't figure. I did not have an issue with teleport boy finally finding a clue about how his shit worked, but I am well primed by comics and fiction to believe the "I have tried to bury this till now but with a companion to talk about it with I can learn things quickly" scheme.

I find it not great but so far an acceptable way to pass some time. BTW, if anyone cares there's a sort of bridge episode free on various streaming sites that kinda sorta covers the explosion and the rollout of public awareness of powers.
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Interesting. On my TiVo (where they have done this sometimes great sometime super awkward integration of sources) it showed links to Amazon and Vudu where it was available as a single entity.
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Leroy Jenkins saved this pilot. I laughed like a drain. I'm on board with almost no other part of this thing.
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The acting is so stiff! Their driving scenes make me feel like I am watching Dallas.

Is there budget negative dollars?
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