Project Runway: Broadway or Bust
September 26, 2015 9:59 PM - Season 14, Episode 8 - Subscribe

The magic and glamour of Broadway serve as inspiration for the designers' new challenge as they create fashionable looks based on the musical, Finding Neverland. One designer upstages the entire competition. Supermodel Coco Rocha guest judges.
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Hah, I just typed up the entry guiltily realising I'd forgotten this week, thanks bq! I had added: The guest judge this week was Coco Rocha who was pleasantly forgettable. Swapnil struggled with maths and smoking, Ashley struggled with ombre and everything, and Laurie forgot that this wasn't the lingerie challenge. (spoiler break) Lindsey got booted for being boring (her flowing evening gown gave a model a muffin top! how the hell did she manage that?), which is worse than the literal hot mess of hot-glue-gunned over pasties of Laurie's outfit.
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So much love to Ashley who was just lost - she's so YOUNG, I think that gets overlooked with her technical skills and general confidence, but she is 24 and has less professional and/or trade school training than the rest of them.

Swapnil was annoyed about not placing in the top but his piece had no story - like there's this great top and this great skirt, but they don't combine to say something together the way Candice's piece did, or even the hotness of Laurie's outfit which says oh hey, Tinkerbell's Serious Job Interview Outfit. All I could think was uh, Edwardian tea party gone horribly wrong? Maybe if he'd gone all plaid and been very Alexander McQueen with bold tartan and played up the structure but it was like two different beautiful outfits overlapping.

Kelly and Merline should get paired up to do a piece together because they would have fun and they do dark and gothic lace without it being campy or costume-looking the way Candice sometimes can - although this week, hey go her.
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Swapnil's whole "I worked harder than I ever have, and it got me nothing!" sulk was classic.

Laurie should send Jake a thank you muffin basket because she'd have been so gone with the promised 2 person elimination. What was she thinking to not even do a sheer underlay (much less semi-sheer) on the top? And when making a short skirt, why not start it with a slightly longer skirt you cut on your model?
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In general, what was Laurie thinking?

I feel like there's a lot more to what hairbrush to her dress than we saw. She must have struggled a lot more than we actually saw, to end up with that going down the runway. I mean, right? I can't imagine how else that monstrosity of a non-dress could have happened.
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Laurie really should have been gone for that pile of fabric that didn't even cover her model's...anything. I know Lindsey way boring, but her simple designs had a very particular aesthetic and I think she can probably become a designer who sells well. But Nina can't stand a certain type of designer, and Lindsey is definitely that type. If you're not loud and won't go toe-to-toe with her (Santino Rice, anyone? No discernible design talent, but would fight with Nina, so he stayed far longer than he should have), she wants you out.
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I also would've liked to see more of Laurie's dilemma. Guessing here, we know her silver circle fabric was very expensive and the oatmeal-colored one might have been silk? so not enough fabric to make the jacket and the skirt and no money left to buy fall-back material? Anyway, she was one of the middling designers and will probably go home next week, unless they are setting Swapnil up for the Tim Gunn Save.

I liked Swapnil's less, the more I saw it. Combining the glen plaid with the pastel chiffon was an interesting idea but I agree with dorothyisunderwood, the relationship between the two didn't work. I would have liked a better look at Merline's. At first I agreed with whomever said she basically threw a bolt of lace over the mannequin but it looked elegant on the runway and the shoulder strappy things provided the necessary drama. I think she should have been top three instead of Kelly.

also: Laurie's coat was the same as Gabrielle's (?) for the "redo a classic design inspired by NYC" challenge.
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I loved Kelly's look this week. I thought it was elegant and glamorous. But I think the main reason it worked so well was the fabric, whereas the main reason Candice's look worked so well was because it was, well, awesome. Fabulous design and immaculate construction.

Laurie's coat was indeed the same bell-sleeved thing that got Gabrielle sent home and she is very, very lucky to still be in the competition. Her outfit was horrendous. But Laurie's garment showed no design or construction skill. She seems unable to translate what's in her head into something wearable, attractive or flattering to the model.

I really liked Swapnil's dress but agree that the two parts didn't fit together. I felt sad for Ashley. Her dress looked so badly made. What I don't understand is why the designers don't make something just that tiny bit bigger so they can adjust it down to the model's frame. Instead they all seem to make things too small and then struggle to make them fit.
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I thought Candace's dress had more problems than were mentioned, but given one day (and looking at the competition this week), the right person won. The dress was beautiful with many great elements, but the bodice fit was a bit wonky and it felt to me like the model had to keep her elbows out to keep the whole thing from slipping off. (I didn't really think it would slip off, it just felt like it would.)

While Laurie should have gone home for not covering her model properly - as many before her have gone - I still think she has more ideas than Lindsey. I think Lindsey did well to last so long but I don't think she had more to offer.

I could definitely see some high society artist type wear Edmond's cloudy vest. Not many people, but some. He's doing consistently great and seems like a nice guy, so yay Edmond!

I am a fan of Kelly and hope she makes the finals. I've seen a lot of snark from people calling her aesthetic outdated, but I hope she makes it out of the deli. Nothing wrong with a deli! But the girl can sew and she is confident and has a good attitude. imo.

I do not sew but I think Ashley cut to size without adjusting bigger to allow for the boning. A very unfortunate but not surprising error given their stress and time constraints. I thought her dress was going to have a long panel down the middle, with the fitted style showing on both sides, but instead she did a weird half and half that was bulky and messy. And she did not recover with that top at all. She was lucky two others did worse.
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Laurie's outfit was objectively worse than Lindsey's, but Lindsey had already been in the bottom, what, the previous three episodes? So there was basically no way she was going to be in the bottom again and not go home. I think at one point Laurie said she was trying to make hot pants, but I don't know what her bottom actually ended up being, besides short.
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When Swapnil's dress hit the runway I cried out "two ladyparts walkin'! those are some Georgia O'Queef twins!"
I like Laurie, and I think she's done some fine stuff, but holy wow was that a mess of trash jumbled up and taped back on. Not surprised Taylor Swift went home, because she'd been bottoming out for weeks.
And how could you not love Kelly? Hugging Lindsey and saying nonchalantly "we're going to go to the beach soon" like, how much do you want to be her friend? Her aesthetic is really growing on me; she has a clear point of view, AND she really pushed herself this week to do something radically new for her.
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I love Edmond! He's so cheery.
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I'm hoping Candace's win here was like the winner in the challenge in a recent season who always made jackets and finally made a jacket that won. Candace never seems to get called out for always making that black leather chic look. Kelly at least tried something different.
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