Limetown: A quick apology
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A quick apology from American Public Radio's Lia Haddock.
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So the hotel room attacker disappeared, but not before bleeding so much that he must certainly be dead. That certainly won't come back to haunt us.

Nice of them to keep ratcheting up the creepy, even if only in 1:27 allotments. I wonder how much "The network doesn't want you to know this!" will be part of the action.
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Oooh, that was cool. I was expecting some OOC "sorry, we're having technical difficulties" and got creepy attacker story!
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I'm a little more impressed with Lia Haddock's voice acting now. You could tell she was frightened and angry behind the NPR-style smooth voice, and now I'm very curious about the potential for the show's relationship with the network to come into things.
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This apology threw me a little bit. Towards the beginning of episode one, Lia clearly states that the Limetown podcast is a seven episode series, which makes it seem like the series is complete and they know the ending. However, this apology made it seem like the episodes are happening in real time. It's a minor nit to pick, but just something that took me out of the narrative for a minute.
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Well, perhaps the series is complete, but the fictional radio network hasn't heard it yet. So, the big shots over at American Public Radio might be less than happy they just aired a guy caving in his own head while attempting to break into a hotel room. In fact, we learned during the apology that he actually beat himself to death.
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Do we have an airing schedule for Limetown yet? In other words, when should I start getting excited about the next episode?
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They're intentionally not releasing them on any kind of schedule: "We like rattling the idea that podcast episodes have to be released on a regular, weekly cadence." (Skip Bronkie, co-creator/producer)
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"We like rattling the idea that podcast episodes have to be released on a regular, weekly cadence."

I don't necessarily disagree, but this doesn't seem like a great decision in terms of keeping with the "pseudo-public radio documentary" type format. Especially since they've already laid out the seven episodes thing. Kind of an odd choice.
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I would say only some podcasts adhere very strictly to a firm schedule and plenty of popular shows release late or "whenever the heck they feel like it."
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I think the line they're drawing is against even having a schedule. I mean, if I look at my roll of podcasts, the general sentiment is very much "New episode every Wednesday...ish, and if we just totally don't do one, we'll at least toss out a quick 'Sorry for not doing one this Wednesday, but we'll totally have one for you next Wednesday,'" while the Limetowners seem to just be all "Eh, when we get around to it, here ya go."
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FYI for those who don't check Fanfare regularly: new episode is up! I haven't listened yet, so whoever listens first, feel free to toss a post up on Fanfare.
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I tried to put a post up but it wanted me to be able to pull the name of ep3 from a dropdown where it did not exist. I'll chalk this one up to the mysteries of a new subsite and wait for someone else to figure it out. It's a very good episode.
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Weird. Overcast totally didn't think there was a third episode until I un- and re-subscribed.

Guess I'll listen on my commute tomorrow. Thanks for the update, yasaman and stet.
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It felt like there was some feed weirdness, like there was a new feed, with a redirect from the old one, but with some extra flakiness. My iTunes both has episodes, and offers to download them again.
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I've contacted the mods, and emailed the Limetown peeps.
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Huh. Does FaMe autopopulate from the podcast feed? Neat. Guess I need to lurk moar.
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New post is up!
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Hmm. I doubt this is relevant, but what the hell, maybe it was intentional.

There have been a couple of different feeds:
The old podcast feed ends with the apology.
The new feed includes episode 3, with Napoleon.

There's at least one different version of audio:
On my iTunes, Napoleon started with a blurb about Squarespace, but the version on my phone skipped that entirely, as does the version up on Soundcloud right now.

It's more likely that these are glitches from people who are new to podcasting, but if they wanted to have some ARG sorta meta fun, I could see this being a route for that. I might investigate further.
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Ah, thanks, Pronoiac. I just looked at FanFare for the first time in several days, saw there had been a new Limetown post, and was wondering why it hadn't shown up on my podcast player.
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Wow, just happened to stumble across this, I thought they ran out of steam and hadn't posted in a few weeks thanks to that feed bug. I've been waiting since September for a new episode and I've actually missed EIGHT?!
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