Fishing with John: Montauk with Jim Jarmusch
September 30, 2015 8:32 AM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

John Lurie and Jim Jarmusch drive to Montauk. New York to hunt man-eating sharks.

Fishing With John is available as part of the Criterion Collection, and can be watched online at the following places:

Hulu Plus
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Fishing with John, previously on the blue, but with lots of dead links since I posted it in 2009.
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There is an article about the series as a whole on the Criterion Contraption, but it is spoiler-laden for the other five episodes.
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So what are the great fish movies?

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I often think of that moment where Jim is thinking "Why am I here?"

Jim: "Maybe someone else should drive."
John: "There's nobody here but you and me."
Jim: "I'll drive."
John: "Do you want to drive?"
Jim: "No."

My feelings about this show are wrapped in a lot of people who introduced me to it. That's not a bad thing. It just represents a certain era in my life (and some people who aren't with us anymore).

Anyway, I love this show.
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Also love this show so much.
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I read about this years ago, but somehow never saw it. Just watched the first ep. I think 20-something-year-old me would have loved it to pieces. Now I'm just mildly entertained.
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You should at least watch the Willem Dafoe episode (episode 4); it's probably the strongest one.
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