Project Runway: Make It Sell
October 3, 2015 3:43 AM - Season 14, Episode 9 - Subscribe

The designers must create ready-to-wear looks to be reproduced and sold online. Disagreement between the judges leads to the most contentious runway yet.

I thought one particular designer this week was very, very lucky that someone screwed up even worse than they did. I think Tim Gunn is going to use his save on that lucky designer, unfortunately.

The winning look was safe, and once again I thought Kelly knocked it out of the park with her unique style. As Heidi said, Kelly definitely has her own point of view and isn't afraid to show it.

And if Nina ever said to me that "with a little work this could be ... quite nice" I think I would have to kill myself.
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Do you mean Kelly? Because I think Tim Gunn really liked her and this week the two judges didn't. Gunn's sympathy is definitely for Ashley and Kelly as the two closest to actual students, two who are trying to learn and find their voices which are catnip for a teacher.

The online shop sponsor definitely over-ruled Ashley's win - they wanted that dress because it was an easy sell, even though design-wise it's far more boring and Ashley had more support from more judges.
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The winning look really confirmed how sponsor-driven the episode was - I didn't think any of them were exceptional, but it was so on the nose and boring.

Ciara lifted the judging shitshow a bit and I wish she was on every week. Though, her comment that Kelly's look was 'easy' was hilarious.
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Rats, should have previewed!
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No, dorothyisunderwood, I meant Merline. Her look was atrocious. I can't understand how she's still there, except that Laurie had been in the bottom two the previous week for the same issue (boobage), and so she had to go instead. But Merline's look was barely sewn together, and it just looked awful. I think Tim will save Merline, probably next week.
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Yet another week where I would wear Ashley's look in a heartbeat if the belly were covered.
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God, this was absolutely a terrible episode. The judges couldn't customize their opinions to the client well enough to cover their contempt for the whole thing. Nina stopped focusing on Lindsey, so she's now after Kelly, because she's an asshole to people (usually women) she considers beneath her. All the garments were just terrible, but Edmond's total nothing won over Ashley's total nothing because of production costs.
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Here's an idea. When you posit a "design for a retail company" challenge, have the company be something with a uber trendy, high fashion aesthetic and *then* maybe the results would be interesting rather than we've-seen-it-already mall clothes.

Edmond played it smart though. Not original in the least but easy to manufacture and stretchy so it would adapt to a lot of shapes who are in-between sizes. I think he'd put a lot of thought into the show before he was selected re all the challenge parameters and has a lot of stock designs at hand (in his brain) to adapt.

Someone like Laurie, it's like she's never seen it before. Twice in a row she's sent down unfinished clothing. Ten hours to sew a tube skirt. Merline is handicapped by her elaborate designs and she can't manage her time or simplify her vision enough to finish it.

I wonder if Ashley has reached her limit. That fabric was awful, pastel geometric (although I did read that the Southwest trend was coming back. Nooooooooooooooo). I was worried that she'd be in the bottom again although the jacket was well-done. But it seems to me that she's hit the wall.

Kelly was also smart. She knows that young 'n' crazy style which is the target clientele. Again, lycra and easy to produce. Or it should be lycra, now that I look again, it looks like woven fabric which makes it more pajama-y... hmmmm....

I liked Swapnil's well enough but then I like animal prints even though I'd never wear them. The "story" seems to be turning against him so although I think Merline is due to be voted off next week, if he has even a slightly bad week, he'll be in the bottom again.
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I did not love Kelly's look. Not many people could (should?) wear it. But, she's still my favorite and I still hopes she wins (though I don't think she will). I do hope she doesn't do any more crop tops. The Cookie Monster jacket was my favorite part. I wouldn't wear it, but only because I am in my 40s and on the heavy side of average, and it would be ridiculous. But I thought it was a totally fun idea and I'm glad she followed her aesthetic.

Ashley's jacket (way too short imo, but some people like that) was really, really nicely made. I was as surprised as the judges when the model took off the jacket and the top had some really cute features. However, it was still a crop top and very simple skirt.

There is no question that Merline's look was really badly sewn. But I have to agree with Heidi that it showed she has interesting ideas. Far more than Laurie or Lindsey or several others have shown.

I still like Edmond and Swapnil but their looks were underwhelming. And Swapnil's white jacket thing was a total miss.

I will still be sad when this show is over!
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Zac is clearly over Swapnil, just as Nina has no time for Kelly. I think Tim is more likely to save Kelly or Ashley than he would be Swapnil.

I actually liked the sponsor woman. She really knows her business, her style personas inside and out, and judged well for the challenge. I also liked Ciara (who also both kind and sharp), and that the judges weren't in lockstep.

I think Ashley designing for traditional models might be getting in her way a bit; I think she's spent less time designing things and thinking about design for model-sized folks than the others.

I didn't particularly care for Kelly's look in general but that's a personal taste issue for me, not because it was poorly designed and executed. I think that it'd appeal to a bunch of buyers. I actually liked the muppet vest MOST, and if it had sleeves, I'd wear it. And I'd pet it absent-mindedly when i was wearing it.

I thought the white straps on the back of Swapnil's dress made it look super-unfinished, liked he tacked them on so he could get the front of the dress to lie flat on the body and didn't have time to cover the straps.

I'd have given the win to none of them (Edmund's was generic; only one of the three Ashley piece swas dyanmic enough to sell), personally, but market forces demanded a winner for this challenge.
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Oh, man. Now I want to wear it just so I CAN pet it absentmindedly. :)
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I made an ipod/cellphone case out of orange muppety fur a few years ago, and it was so much fun.

The fur mattes down a bit if you carry it around in a purse or bag and got a little dirty, but it lasted for a few years. I actually am now trying to figure out how to bind a book with some muppet fur right now. Imagine having a blank book you can pet when you have a creative block!
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I think Nina's dislike of Kelly shows how out of touch she is. Kelly has such a distinct style that even if you don't personally like you should be able to appreciate, and her clothes are always always very well made. Nina's elitism is showing.

I loved the "hospital gown" fabric actually. Pastel triangles are a very now, tumblr aesthetic.

Along with Zac, I too am growing tired of Swapnil. Aside from the one great pair of pants, Edmond exclusively makes very boring dresses, including the winner today.

So my fantasy top 3 is Kelly, Ashley, and... Merline maybe just because I want to see what she would do with more time. I'm not as enthralled with Candace as Candace herself is.
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I don't get Merline at all. I don't see any aesthetic there (unless you count "incoherent mess" as an aesthetic). Her clothes all look ill-fitting, sloppy, and random. She says she likes "architectural" - maybe it's the architecture of R'lyeh.
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Half the time the judges punish people for not adhering to the challenge and the other half of the time they completely ignore what the challenge asks for. This means that half the time the contestants adhere to the challenge and half the time they ignore it.

This is most readily apparent on ready-to-wear and "real woman" challenges. I find it frustrating to watch.
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Half the time the judges punish people for not adhering to the challenge and the other half of the time they completely ignore what the challenge asks for.

I think this (rightly, but annoyingly) is due to the kind of challenge. If it's a challenge where the winning look will be mass produced or otherwise will make its way out into the world, then the designers had damn well abide by the specifications. The rules of the challenge actually matter. If, on the other hand, winning doesn't involve anything of the sort, then all that really matters is if they impress the judges. And they know this.
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What was with Swapnil's white studio interview? One second he looked like he did on the show, and then in the next he was clean-shaven and wearing a leather jacket, and then his beard was back again.
I have wondered about the chronology of these bits, and this just adds to my confoundment. It would make sense that they're filmed long after the fact, but sometimes the designers are reacting and emotional and crying as if they've just stepped out of the sewing room. I guess maybe some are done right away, others they have to fill in later?
Early in this season in one of these interview bits you actually heard a voice off-screen asking a question, which I think might have been a PR first.
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I don't understand why Ashley would go through the trouble of doing that design thing on the back of her crop top - that organza triangle panel or whatever it was - and then never have the model take off the jacket. The judges had to ask the model to take the jacket off! I get that she's young and still figuring things out for herself, but that should have been obvious.
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and then never have the model take off the jacket

I've read that they film the runway part several times for editing purposes so it could be that during the one that the judges were sitting through, she did have the model take off the jacket.
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I guess maybe some are done right away, others they have to fill in later?

I think that's how it's done.
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