The Simpsons: Every Man's Dream
October 3, 2015 10:25 AM - Season 27, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Homer and Marge go through a trial separation. During this time, Homer dates a female pharmacist and Marge dates the woman's father.
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Yup: I did in fact, make this FF post just to remind you of this.
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As for the episode itself, there were some hilarious one-liners, but the phoniness and who-gives-a-fuck-about-canon aspects of it, not to mention the it was all a dream schtick... just awful.
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I've only watched one other episode of The Simpsons in the past seven or eight years - I caught the last Treehouse of Horror out of morbid curiosity. Saw this one to see if it was as bad as advertised and... wow.

Yup: I did in fact, make this FF post just to remind you of this.

Heh. You did indeed call it. I think the first reply to your post sums up how I felt, watching this:
I don't know...It's like watching a once-amazing, beloved relative suffer years of dementia. It hurts to look at them and see what once was.
Couldn't have said that better than Sangermaine, I think.
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Agreed. I stood up for The Simpsons in that thread, as something that is obviously a lesser version of its past self but is still not without value. This episode seemed determined to make me embarrassed for having bothered.
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For what it's worth, I would've agreed with that sentiment for a long time after the show had left its prime. (I did laugh at the last Treehouse of Horrors a couple times, but it wasn't enough to persuade me to give the actual season a look.)

This was just awful though. I think maybe a franchise shouldn't exist so long without the ability to periodically reinvent itself: new characters, new settings.
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