America's Next Top Model: The Guy or Girl Who Came Back
October 3, 2015 2:18 PM - Season 22, Episode 9 - Subscribe

The previously eliminated contestants come back for a 2nd chance.
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I've only been watching for a couple of cycles, but I think this is the first time I've ever seen straight 10s for a photo. Damn sight close to a perfect score too.

Nyle is increasingly a force to be reckoned with. My money is on him and Lacey for top two, though Mame might be close.
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Nyle needs to do his hair like that all the time- no more slicked back! Side part, Nyle!

Love that they're going to Vegas. Guess the budget for exciting overseas trips is out.
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Nyle looked amazing in his photo shoot. I can definitely see him in the top two, with Lacey. Hadassah seems to be having a good run at the moment too and is less annoying and arrogant than she used to be. Mikey can go home right now.

I think it's a mistake to bring Blond Farm Boy (whose name I've forgotten) back over Stefano. I didn't like Stefano when he was in the house, but I thought he looked great and walked well on his go-sees. Far more modelly than the other guy.
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Nyle's photo looked like a GQ cover.
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I loved this whole photoshoot. I love people who look like their dogs as a thing and I love dogs in general and I like that even the eliminated contestants got to get photos because it meant more time with dogs on screen. And I loved the ugly little (what was it, a chinese crested?) that they gave to Devon because HA FUCK YOU, DEVON.
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I think it's a mistake to bring Blond Farm Boy (whose name I've forgotten) back over Stefano.

I hated Stefano and I still agree with this. The judges ratings for Dustin's photo seemed inflated to me, it wasn't that great. Plus, the whole barging in during someone else's go see was real shitty. (Even if it was Mikey they barged in on, it's still a dumb move and shouldn't be rewarded.)

Whoever returned doesn't hold much of a chance overall. Nobody was really booted way too early and there's a pretty strong group dominating the top slots that would be tough to beat.

I like that Mame took the chance on the last go see even if it risked making her late. Hadassah was 3 for 4 which would still beat Mame's 3 for 3, I think. I'd rather see Mame attempt the final go see than get back super early. But I don't fault Cutrone for enforcing the rule either.
posted by dogwalker at 9:10 AM on October 4, 2015

I'm sick of the "disqualified for being late" challenge. They do it every season and it gets tighter every time. They told them to go 4 places in 3 hours- that's insane, nobody could do that. Mame booked all her appointments, surely that matters more than meeting some arbitrary deadline.
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Yeah, it's a dumb part of the challenge used to artificially heighten the drama, and I'd rather see it without any time constraint. But if there is a time challenge, at least they're enforcing it.
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Ugh, yeah, I always hate the go sees just because of that stupid time thing. I would enjoy the go see parts a lot more if it was just a challenge about who booked the most shows. After 22 seasons of watching panicked models getting lost and stuck in traffic, it's getting old.

Also, I don't like how they set this up so that one of the eliminated contestants had to come back and replace someone else. When they did it in the past, I believe they picked an eliminated contestant, and then that contestant got to compete with everyone else (although I guess that was based on social media scores, which aren't a thing this time around).

Another thing is that in previous cycles at this point in the competition there were usually one or two models I would have liked to see come back, but not this time. Also, I'm so ready to get rid of Devon, and I'm going to be really upset if they eliminate Justin. He's not my favorite, but he's a definite improvement over Devon, and plus, poor Mame! You can't split them up!

In other news, Mikey is still super sleazy. Ashley, you could do so much better.

Oh, and Las Vegas? Really? If I were one of the contestants, I'd be like, "Damn, I picked the wrong season to compete." I mean, the last group went to Seoul, and before that they went to Bali. Is this because of budget cuts? Couldn't they at least spring for Hawaii?

And on top of all that, they pull this stupid "wait and see who gets eliminated crap" when they already made us wait until Friday for this new episode because of the time slot change.

On the bright side, Nyle's photo was amazing, and I agree that it totally could have been a GQ cover. I'm really happy to see him doing so well. He's got those piercing eyes, nice bone structure, and an amazing body. To make it even better, he seems like such a great guy.

My top 3 picks are still Lacey, Mame, and Nyle, and I would be really happy to see Nyle go all the way. I think Lacey and Mame are both great too, although Lacey is probably too short to make it as a runway model (5'8" according to a quick google search), but she does take amazing photos, and I love her bone structure. Mame, on the other hand, is perfect for runway, and it's not at all surprising that she booked 4 out of 4 for the go sees.
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Oh, and I've decided that the person, or at least one of the people, Lacey reminds me of is Olivia Wilde. It depends a bit on the angle/picture, but there are definitely some photos where I see the resemblance. I think Lacey also just has one of those faces that can look very different depending on lighting/angle/expression/etc.
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