Jordan, Jesse GO!: Ep. 397: My Brother, My Brother and Me Switcheroo with Chuck Bryant
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Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy from fellow MaxFun podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me take over for Jordan and Jesse this week!  They're joined by Chuck Bryant of the Stuff You Should Know podcast for a discussion of the war on cargo shorts, Justin's children's book ideas, Travis's new favorite fall TV show The Grinder.  Plus, Griffin shares a moving story about the time he learned a hard lesson about sweet cream.
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I have listened to that song at the end at least a dozen times in the 24 hours since I first listened to the podcast. It's one of the funniest things I have heard on any podcast ever, and amazingly it sounds like it was spontaneous improv, based on their reactions at the end of it. Those McElroys, man. I've been listening to JJGO for years and years but Jesse Thorn's greatest contribution to my life is signing the McElroy brothers to the MaxFun Family.

I also very much enjoyed the bit about milling Fred Savage into bread. And how Chuck Bryant spent essentially the entire episode giggling.
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I loved Chuck's matter-of-fact, "I'm going to eff Rob Lowe" decision; poor Savage 2.0. And, totally agree, that ending song was amazing.
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This was a really great podcast episode. Everyone was having so much fun. On the Switcheroo MBMBAM, Griffin and Justin appear during an ad break and admit they were incredibly drunk during this taping.

I loved the idea that "Fuck Marry Kill" is too brutal a game so everyone should play "Hug Kiss Cuddle" instead.
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I like the fact that the Brothers tried to honor the JJGO format and traditions.
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Somehow Chuck manages to still be unbearably boring.
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The Great Switcheroo has confirmed what I already suspected about myself: I would listen to the McElroys, all four of them or any configuration thereof, talk about absolutely anything.

And that song was AMAZING.
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I loved the idea that "Fuck Marry Kill" is too brutal a game so everyone should play "Hug Kiss Cuddle" instead.

Yes! And I simultaneously was horrified by and thoroughly enjoyed, "Fuck Carry Mill" - which celebrity would you mill down into a fine flour and bake?
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