The Mindy Project: The Bitch Is Back
October 7, 2015 11:28 AM - Season 4, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Mindy is coming to the end of her maternity leave and grappling with returning to the office and leaving her baby (maybe). Danny has his ideas of what would be best for the both of them (and looks for an appropriate "push present"), while the practice embraces their newest doctor (Garret Dillahunt) and nurse (Fortune Feimster).
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This was a step up over the last episode and I liked how the show is addressing the pressures of being a new mother, be it breast feeding in public or struggling to decide if the mother wants to quit her professional life to remain at home. That said, for the former, I was kind of disappointed that Mindy gave up to the peer pressure of the subway.

My biggest issue was the quasi-surrendering to the new doctor. He's obviously the dinosaur, and I suppose, he's kind of fitted to be the next Peter of the practice - the guy with not so cool views, who everyone likes, and ultimately changes as time progresses. This time, he's the archetype Southern Gentleman versus Peter, who was the archetype fraternity bro.

Danny lives in a world that he desperately wants to be 1955, and I'm still shocked he hasn't suggested moving to the suburbs to have a picket fence. Part of it, though, the family side, seems to resonate like a fantasy developed from the life he grew up in - some people dream of the perfect wedding growing up, Danny has dreamed of having the perfect family. That desire for the classic family or better put, Danny's dysfunctional upbringing has been a major root for a lot of his problems. His reaction to anything that contradicts the world he wants to live in is almost traumatic.

The breast milk in the face of the new doctor was probably the funniest bit of the episode. It was perfectly Mindy, especially her defense that it was only the most nutritional milk in the world.

I'm also still confused as to her fertility clinic. Does Mindy have two offices?
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I have to admit, I really, really did not like this episode, from the subway shaming to...really anything except the relatively nice scene between Colette and Mindy. Everyone was more aggressively awful than usual. I guess they needed to set up for the next (much better) episode, but eesh. I hate the "rock bottom" episodes even if I appreciate their function. But, hey, Garrett Dillahunt! Danny's tears at the end were touching, but I actually cried at Mindy having to give up her job. Anyway, I'm very glad I had the next episode to watch right away, or I might have thrown something.
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Oh, and to add insult to injury, they teased us with a Danny dance and stopped it!
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