The Great British Bake Off: The Final
October 7, 2015 5:19 PM - Season 6, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Only three of the original twelve bakers remain. They've made it to the final. Over 27 challenges, they've worked their way through every baking discipline Mary and Paul have thrown at them - from cakes to bread, pastry to puddings, and biscuits to chocolate. Along the way they have tackled recipes from the 70s and 80s, they've gone back to the Victorian era, they've made gluten-free bread, strange meringue concoctions, incredible constructions out of biscuits, bread and choux... They have all survived, and now they face their last three challenges.

The signature challenge sees the finalists tackle enriched dough to create delicious filled iced buns.

The technical requires them to conquer something they have all struggled with.

And finally, for their last ever showstopper, they must make a classic British cake.

Mary and Paul expect nothing short of perfection.

So who will hold their nerve? Who will be crowned winner of The Great British Bake Off 2015? On your marks, get set... bake!

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Sorry to snake this from the usual poster (everybody had matching towels). I just had to make a post so that I could have a place to register my



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If Nadia's arc on this show were scripted, I would have dismissed it as far too unrealistic in its extreme delightfulness. Girl, publish a cookbook, I will buy that shit in hardcover and I haven't baked a cake in five years.
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In other news - man, the other two really whiffed it on that iced bun challenge, huh? Tamal, until you learn to multitask, maybe hold off on anaesthetising people! (But, you know, call me!)
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NADIA EMOTIONS!!!!!!!! So many Nadia Emotions. I am so happy for her and YES bring on the cookbook, immediately, please.

(I'm glad you posted! I have to wait until someone puts it up on youtube so it's always sorta late)
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I'M POSTING ON FANFARE FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME JUST TO REGISTER MY HUGE NADIYA DELIGHT!!!! Never have I felt so strongly before about a reality show contestant. She deserved it so much.
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Also, um Paul clearly it was not close. There was no need for you to say that it was close, we all knew it wasn't even slightly close.
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I love how earnest, genuine, and non-spiteful this reality tv show is. Made it the perfect setting for someone lovely like Nadiya to win. You could see how much care she put into those wedding flowers and I loved seeing her wedding jewels on her very British cake! I think it's especially poignant too, considering there's a lot of anti-immigrant sentiment in the UK, especially in North
Yorkshire, and she's a completely charming British woman with a sweet and beautiful family. So heartwarming to see!
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This thread seems like the perfect place to leave this YouTube video of Nadiya's bakeoff experience :)

My kids have watched bakeoff obsessively, as they do every year & Nadiya was definitely a firm favourite.
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Yup I'm super glad my favourite won for once, she was consistently the best throughout this episode (although, to be fair, all three's showstoppers were very good).
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I am emotionally destroyed by the final and how brilliant they all are and how lovely and deserved Nadiya's win was and even Mary Berry cried.

And I love that the final was a woman of colour, and a gay man of colour and a straight white man! I love that the straight white man cried on tv and that was totally a legit expression of heartfelt emotion over something he had worked so hard at! I loved that Tamal called Nadiya 'little chum' (please give them a joint cooking show now)! I love how supportive Nadiya's husband was and how he was all 'this is the first time she's really done anything for herself and taken time out and now I realise how much work she does as a stay-at-home mum'.

As my friend just said to me, I wish I could live inside Bake Off.
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Nadiya's speech, just so we can all remind ourselves of her excellence:

"I'm never ever going to put boundaries on myself, ever again. I'm never going to say, I can't do it. I'm never going to say 'maybe'. I'm never going to say 'I don't think I can'. I can, and I will."
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I'm still sobbing a little with happiness for her. And what was especially lovely was having my kid's muslim girlfriend over this evening and she ended up watching the finale with me (she's never seen it), and getting totally caught up in it too. Bake Off is such a happy happy show - I'm glad she won, but if Ian or Tamal had had a better weekend somehow, they would have also been genuinely cheered on too by the others. It's such a supportive show for the competitive element.

And Tamal's last line - "She's going to be insufferable!" was so sweet.
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Oh my god, I was emotional at the end of it! Nadiya just had a brilliant weekend all the way through. And I loved the bits with her husband and her three kids (her daughter was adorable -- I love chocolate cake, and I love lemon cake and I love...)!
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Us after the second challenge the others were gone. I felt like nadiya, more than the other two, really picked up what the judges were looking for and altered her cooking to suit. Despite the clarity around the level of piping required, Ian never changed his rather terrible aesthetics to meet their expectations, and tamal I think never rehearsed enough.
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after the second challenge the others were gone.

It was an odd thing - after Tamal and Ian totally blew it on Day 1, that essentially meant that no matter how great their final showstoppers were, Nadiya basically had it on lock unless she literally killed someone.

And then all three of them turned out these totally magnificent cakes, allowing Ian and Tamal to redeem themselves as deserving of runner-up status while still not really threatening Nadiya's win. It almost seems contrived. (Unlike Daily Mail commenters I do not actually think it was contrived of course)
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It almost seems contrived. (Unlike Daily Mail commenters I do not actually think it was contrived of course)

That's the nuts thing about that idea. While watching something like the Apprentice, there are absolutely weeks where it feels like the other idiot should have been fired, and that idiot has been kept because they provide good television. On the Bake Off, they tend to, oddly enough, pick the person who performed the worst to leave each week.
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On the Bake Off, they tend to, oddly enough, pick the person who performed the worst to leave each week.
Yeah, every week, I can pretty reasonably predict who they're going to send home. Once in a while, it's really close, but they acknowledge that and I could see it going both ways. I also like that they show us that little discussion about the candidates between Day 1 and Day 2. Again, always reasoned arguments for why they think a particular person is performing well or not. Once in a while, their decision seems based on the taste, which is the one factor we can't account for (e.g. Ian and his bay leaves, Nadiya and her bubble-gum flavor), but even there they do a good job of explaining exactly why they don't like the taste of it.
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I just feel so happy for Nadiya! This show makes me so happy! This show is unlike everything else on television.
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I got a little misty eyed when the showed Nadiya's son going buck wild in the background when they announced the winner.
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Nice interview with Nadiya.
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Rewatching this season and just realized that Nadiya has been featured on several BBC programmes including, ahem, the Chronicles of Nadiya.
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