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October 9, 2015 11:18 PM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Desperately short of food, Chiana leads the crew to a dead Budong where she once worked. Without any currency, they must work for food and supply the deteriorating Zhaan with meat. [via]
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Emergency Request: Would someone be able to take over posting the Scape episodes every Tue/Wed and Fri/Sat? I have a family situation that needs my attention and I would really appreciate it. I may be able to keep commenting on episodes in a delayed fashion. Many thanks in advance.
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I can do it. Anything special I need to know?
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Thank you so much! The two things I tend to forget are to make sure 'Rewatch' is selected under 'special spoiler conditions' and to include the [via] link to the list of episodes site where we get the short synopsis from. I also check the Farscape Encyclopedia Project to jog my memory for tags and things.
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Can you send me an email with how to post the episode synopsis? charlene.shenk at gmail
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So, besides my conversation with Crocodile, not a lot to say about this episode? Not one of my favorites, and it's pretty gross. I like the Chiana back story, though. And, of course, not the last we will see of Budongs.
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I'd be happy to help shoulder the load of posting episodes. Send me a note if it's desired.

As for this episode...well, count me as never wanting an Australian cast (presumably) to try and perform accents intended to resemble American Western accents again. When the marshall, so to speak, spoke, it sounded like he had marbles in his mouth. Australia has its own legitimate "western" or "frontier" history and culture. I think it should have relied more on that, than to badly import the American version. Browder is enough to establish the setting on his own. (Bargh, gotta run, be back to talk more later!)
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cshenk - check your MeFi Mail, sent you posting instructions. Thanks again.
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Atreides, funny you should mention the accents! I was just reading in the companion guide how the actors were going for Australian Aboriginal accents, but they ended up sounding like bad "American Deep South" accents. They did some re-voicing, but they still sound garbled!
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That's hilarious cshenk!
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I also like Aeryn's line: "I get to stay on board with the blooming blue bush and you get to play with your favorite little tralk."

Maybe just a bit jealous? : )
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This episode also reminded me of the Star Trek TOS episode involving the dilithium crystal mine (is that the right mineral?), which involved crew of a star ship desperately needing a material that's in a mine held up by the presence of a deadly monster. (The similarities end there.)

One notable aspect of this episode is the open declaration by D'argo that he wants to be more than just friends with Chiana. I've struggled with the initiation of this romance, as part of it seemed to really begin out of left field, but that's only really the starting point, "Huh, D'argo likes Chiana?" and from that point on, it is developed. I'm still mixed on it, overall.

Crazy Zhaan. The scene where allergens are pouring out of Zhaan's mouth like so much like insulation being installed in an attic crawlspace was just bonkers. I appreciated the deeper insight into Zhaan's plant biology, but man, they did it bonkers style.
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