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Eraserhead, David Lynch's early midnight hit. I will post this on Monday, lively discussion sure to follow.
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I haven't been keeping up with the scheduling for the cult films on here, so I'm glad to have caught this. I don't think I've watched Eraserhead since college, but I have a dusty copy hanging around in the collection that's about to get revisited.
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I appreciate this. I have been having to search through MetaTalk to find the original list, so it is a lot easier this way. Plus hopefully we will catch a few more eyes and get more people involved. AND! I have never seen Eraserhead before, so I am really excited. In fact I am going to watch it now.
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Ooh, I haven't seen this since my sister and I caught it as a double-feature with Freaks sometime in the late '80s at a slightly dingy revival theater in San Francisco.
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I watched this with my husband about 2 years ago. While we were impressed with the special effects, we are still confused.
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