You're the Worst? Married? Garfunkel & Oates?
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These shows are all just starting or (G&O) start next week & previewed this week. Any interest?

I *really* like the acerbic humor of You're the Worst. It's like the worst of ask.mefi DTMFA! questions and Dr. Phil gagged in a closet while they traipse through the bad relationship minefield.

For the either of the FX shows which just had their 3rd episode, would kicking off with a single post for 1-3 fit the guidelines?
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would kicking off with a single post for 1-3 fit the guidelines?

I would suggest simply making a post for the most recent episode; people will use it as the de-facto "and catch up on the previous episodes" post if they have things to say about them.

(That's what happened on the Under The Dome posts, and it worked out pretty well.)
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I was gonna say not to bother with Married, but hell, posts are free. Let's do these.
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I would discuss you're the worst! It's hilariously mean with touches of sweetness, a more romantic The League.
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Regarding "back-posting," I did that with Major Crimes and the 4th episode got posted before #2 and 3, but I think you can be tricky and submit posts for all three episodes at once, and they could be approved by mods in one go. I think this was done with The Legend of Korra, as seen the posting dates, times and user for S03E04 and 05.
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I am/will be watching all three and find lots of interesting things to talk about with You're The Worst and the preview of Garfunkel and Oates and will probably stick with Married, which I thought was better in its second episode even if will probably test my "how long will you stick with a show when you love every member of the cast but am ambivalent about the actual result itself?"limit if it doesn't change considerably.
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