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October 11, 2015 9:50 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

"Set in the late ninth century, when what is known as England today was several separate kingdoms. The Anglo-Saxon lands are attacked and, in many instances ruled, by Viking forces. The Kingdom of Wessex has been left standing alone under the command of King Alfred the Great. The main protagonist, Uhtred - the orphaned son of a Saxon nobleman, is kidnapped by Norsemen and reared as one of them. Forced to choose between a kingdom that shares his ancestry and the people of his upbringing, his loyalties are ever tested."
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I AM VEXED ABOUT CANON DIVERGENCE on a number of fiddly little issues but mostly on what seems to be a setup for the removal of Uthred's ambivalence about danes vs xtians. Also they're skipping the whole thing with young Athelred being a bumptious wanker who tries to attack Brida?

i love his interactions with brida so much though help
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I thought it was a good first episode; they did a good job of setting everything and everyone up and creating sympathetic characters that you care about. Yea, our boy Uthred is not as complex as in the books, but that is to be expected. Can't wait to see how it develops from a very solid start!
posted by gemmy at 8:56 PM on October 14, 2015

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