Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Josh Just Happens To Live Here!
October 12, 2015 10:19 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

A depressed Rebecca Bunch is inspired by a advertisement, a prayed for sign from God, a random job offer, and running into her boyfriend from summer camp. Inspired to ah, move to the ex-boyfriend's town across the country, that is.

"When was the last time you were happy?" An ad saying this is bombarding the crap out of Rebecca Bunch, a Jewish New York high-powered real estate lawyer who's popping pills all the time and listening to her demanding mother carping at her over the phone constantly. Rebecca's answer to this is "at summer camp 10 years ago when I was madly in love with Josh Chan." Josh, for the record, broke up with her for being weird at the end of the summer, but she doesn't dwell on that part. Anyway, Rebecca's offered a junior partnership so delighted about it that she goes to huddle in an alley and generally flip out.

Then she sees Josh crossing the street. They meet, they talk, and they seem to hit it off--except Josh is now moving to his happy, peaceful hometown of West Covina. The word "happy" triggers something in Rebecca, along with feelings of glitter towards Josh apparently. So she quits her job, somehow gets a job offer (randomly and off camera) in West Covina, and moves. The people at her new job are all, "WTF is this perfect girl doing HERE? Something must be terribly wrong." Well, sure, her boss is a little strange about Judaism and his impending divorce case and his wee bit of Native American heritage, but beyond that? Anyway, Paula the Paralegal is hating Rebecca and her seeming perfection from the getgo and wants to figure out what the heck is wrong here.

Rebecca stalks Josh online and spends the rest of the episode waiting for him to text back and/or trying to find him in person. She meets a bartender friend of Josh's, Greg, who's clearly into unavailable women who ignore him (i.e. her), but Rebecca is mostly distracted by Josh and/or using Greg's lips as a placeholder. And then she hears Josh has a girlfriend. Oops. Anyway, after checking Rebecca's computer, Paula finds out what's wrong with Rebecca, and instead is inspired by every romance movie ever to join in Rebecca's search for love. And heck, Josh wanted to do dinner by the end of the episode...

Oh yeah, and periodically Rebecca breaks out into song, including a sexy getting dressed song and one where she tries on wigs. And after seeing how much preparation a woman takes to get ready, the rapper in said video is inspired, My Name Is Earl-style, to make a list of bitches to apologize to. Which he does, VERY NICELY. Wowza.
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So, despite being almost 100 percent out of the demo of this show, I have a weird affection for pointless musicality, so I gave it a shot. It feels... sufficiently entertaining? Like, if there's nothing else on, I'll settle in for an hour, but it's not going to keep me at home on a Monday night?

So, yeah, B-minus, I guess. The actress is charismatic, and clearly game as hell, and I already kinda hate Josh and feel sorry for Greg.

And then, that "Bitches To Apologize To" list, it drew me right the hell back in.
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This has such a schizophrenic feeling to me. The musical numbers are sharp and smart and appealing. The rest is annoying and stupid. I think the cast has a lot of talent, but they're working in terms of a ridiculous premise. Maybe I'll give it one more episode. And then again, maybe not.
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I would watch a half-our spinoff consisting of nothing but the rapper apologizing to women from his videos after his feminist consciousness-raising. That part made me LOL.

It was a little too cringe-comedy to me but it did really spark when Paula and Rebecca joined forces and Paula was like, "Wanna drive past his house?" I'll give it a week or two and see if THAT part of the show makes it worth it, since I don't care much about the romance part (yet, anyway).
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I have no idea how this show has gotten such great reviews. The songs are terrible. The writing is bland. And I find the lead character insufferable.
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I loved it. Rachel Bloom manages to be charming and a little terrifying at the same time, the songs were great, and the waxing gag is the most shocking thing I've seen on network TV. Plus I'm a Felicity fan from the old days. My one complaint is that the scenes at the office felt a little light, like they put all their effort into the musical numbers. But I think this is an excellent pilot and look forward to seeing where it goes.
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My wife and I really liked it, even the silly gags (the communications manager doesn't speak, hah!).
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Love the sexy gettin ready song, and the rapper announcing "this is some effed up patriarchal bullshit" and the apologies at the end.

Also noticed that on day 1 at her new job Rebecca wears a pink blazer, short pink, black and white floral skirt and black top .. the next day Paula is wearing a red cardigan, long pink, black and white floral skirt, and white top ... it's not an exact copy but a strong enough similarity to be noticed and to suggest something about Paula's feelings.

Love Paula and Rebecca's duet at the end.
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Starting 3rd re-watch. I'm not obsessed, you're obsessed.

I wonder if there's anything to the fact that it opens on Rebecca singing in a camp theater production. Maybe theater is really the love she's looking for? And then she tells Josh "It's like everyone in the audience was my mom" ... so maybe theater is more a vehicle for affirmation and acceptance.
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Finally started watching this series on Netflix. Back when it premiered I was so turned off by the title/marketing, that even though over the seasons I knew it had gained a loyal following and that I'd loved other shows similarly cursed with bad titles (Trophy Wife, Cougar Town), it had gotten to the point that I figured I'd just wait to get started until after the series wrapped and whole show was up on Netflix. But I started on a whim yesterday ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I don't expect I'll be making a lot of comments on these old threads, as I'll probably be going through at binge speed of several episodes at a time, but, just wanted to say that I'm liking it so far (and a hello in case I start favoriting your years-old comments).
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I don't expect I'll be making a lot of comments on these old threads, as I'll probably be going through at binge speed of several episodes at a time, but, just wanted to say that I'm liking it so far (and a hello in case I start favoriting your years-old comments).

This is me right now. What she said.

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