Gravity Falls: Dipper And Mabel Vs. The Future
October 13, 2015 5:17 AM - Season 2, Episode 17 - Subscribe

Mabel makes plans for her and Dipper’s 13th birthday party, on the last day of summer. Meanwhile, Ford brings Dipper along on an important mission to prevent Bill Cypher from bringing the Weirdpocalypse. HUGE SPOILERS INSIDE.

They don’t prevent the Weirdpocalypse. In a cliffhanger ending, Mabel is offered the opportunity for an unending summer by Morty Blendin Blandin, who is actually possessed by Cypher. The portal is opened, and then things get weird.

The Season finale airs on October 26.
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Woohoo! I was hoping a post for this episode would show up soon, so thanks for making this! My husband and I got into GF about a month ago, and we've already seen most of the episodes more than once. It's amazing.

This episode got seriously dark at the end, and I'm in that weird place where I want to see the finale right now! but I don't ever want to watch it just in case things don't actually work out. In a world with Whedon/Moffat/Martin (yes, I know they have nothing to do with this, but they exist), no one is safe.

Maybe there's info out there somewhere, but I can't find anything about a third season. It's the end! We're all doomed! Doooooooomed! Sigh.
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I really liked this episode as well. I like the idea of the twins aging in real time, and the offer to Dipper was really amazing. I am eager to see part 2.
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Oh man, I'm so fully of conspiracy theories for this episode and what will come in the finale. For instance: I think Dipper's forehead birthmark is going to come into play.

Also, Mabel's total bummer reality check about high school was TOO REAL.
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For instance: I think Dipper's forehead birthmark is going to come into play.

YES. I felt like there was some strong foreshadowing there - when his hat flew off as he clung to the side of the security ship. For a second I thought "huh, I'd forgotten about that huge & obvious thing on his forehead, that's probably important." But then again, every single thing in GF is somehow important. (Which is why I love it.)
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The markings in Dipper's birthmark actually showed up before his hat flew off -- in the symbols flashing when Ford's transport pod was being prepared. Totally can't be a coincidence that Dipper's hat flew off just after.
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It just occurred to me that the crashed alien ship parallels the derelict sailboat that Stan and Ford found when they were Dipper and Mabel's age, right down to the point-down triangle (anti-Bill?) motif. Except that Ford's kept its existence to himself (and McGucket) and instead of fixing it up to go exploring together, he's been scavenging the parts for his own non-Stan inclusive projects.
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