Project Runway: The Runway's in 3D!
October 16, 2015 3:16 PM - Season 14, Episode 11 - Subscribe

The avant-garde challenge, with NYC bridges as inspiration and using 3D printing in the garments. Someone takes the brief all-too-literally and Mel B steals a dress straight off the runway.

Without Swapnil to get Tim Gunn all riled up there was little drama in this week's episode. But the avant-garde challenge tested the creativity of the designers, with one in particular struggling with the idea of avant-garde.

When is Tim Gunn going to use his save? Or will there be a surprise next week when he brings back this week's auf'd designer?
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The praise lavished on Ashley's... creation during the prelim judging. They're going to drag her to Fashion Week if it kills them. Avant Garde is such a joke of a challenge. That Candice got rewarded for doing a mermaid gown with a corset bodice, i.e. her customary style. All she did was glue a few lego pieces to the bust and hip. But to her, red is avant grade.

Edmond's was elegant, not AG in the least, but very soignée. Merline for some reason abandoned her architectural roots and designed something that highlighted her lack of sewing skills. If she'd stuck to jackets with interesting cutouts and seams, she might have stayed and sent Ashley home. Kelly is the wild card this season. Bless her, she made a literal bridge. In another season, she would've gotten dinged for making a costume but competing against two wearable gowns and two bad outfits, she was the AG winner by default.

A couple weeks ago, not the Swapnil episode but the one before that, there was something in the judging that made me think Edmond was going to win it. They can't resist the "tried out every season for 10 seasons" hook.
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I just love Kelly, and I loved her literal dress. She was the only one who even attempted "avant garde," even if she didn't really get the challenge as none of the contestants since Christian and Chris March actually did something worthy of a runway back on their season.

Ashley is the chosen one, I guess. I was really certain that Tim would save Merline, but I guess she just went too far off the plot for him to bother. I'm guessing he'll save Ashley next week, and then her redemption arc will start, and she'll win the whole thing? Maybe?

I could conceivably see Kelly winning from a plot standpoint. The fact that Nina is now heaping praise on her makes me think the producers know she's an underdog who would resonate well. I think Edmond is second choice, and Candice doesn't really stand a chance, since her aesthetic has won a couple of times before (Seth Aaron twice, at least).
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I am so tired of that inch of main fabric bordering the top of whatever breast-treatment Candace does.

Ashley only saved herself this week by making a different silhouette (the pants, mostly, but making them with lots of skin showing is Heidi catnip). She's clearly exhausted and not at her best, but she gave them the excuse not to save Merline over her that they wanted.

It was long past time for Merline to go. She couldn't finish an idea in the time allotted, much less well. I think her process needs more time for her ideas to bloom, to work out the kinks, and to execute than this show.

Kelly's confidence is soaring, and she earned that win for 1) making a terrible fabric not-so-terrible, and 2) the nice bridge suspension crossing lines which was lovely.

I need Edmund's clothes to have a more visible personality. And I'd like him to avoid black. That dress would have been better with color.
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My favourite moment of this episode was the look of bafflement on Kelly's face when Tim was saying that her dress was reminiscent of an 18th century pannier dress. It was that same look she got when he was talking about 'paillettes' a few weeks earlier. Tim is so used to the designers being from a design school background. Kelly's 'WTF' face is adorable. I loved her bridge dress. When I first saw it I thought, uh oh, she's going to get savaged here for making a costume, but she dialled it back and I thought it fit the brief perfectly. I love Kelly so much.

So Merline made Kini's umbrella dress, but really badly (although I did like the fabric). This is the challenge she should have nailed, but all it did was to highlight her design and construction limitations.

I didn't think there was anything remotely avant-garde about Ashley's look. That cape was thrown together and the only tie-in to the outfit underneath was the colour. Her 3D pieces reminded me of John Galliano, but I don't suppose anyone says his name on TV any more.

Edmond's look was boring, but he knows his market - make something Heidi wants to wear and you'll be just fine. Candace made another steampunk dress. They'll both be at fashion week and I think Edmond will win.
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I think, if Marlene had better construction skills, Tim would have saved her. I think he likes her as a designer, but he knows she's been struggling too much to actualize her ideas.
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Why do a lot of people think Ashley is the chosen one? Is it because she's overweight? And people feel that Project Runway is trying to show how unbiased towards modely thin types they can be by fawning over her? What is so remarkable about her, is what I mean. I just don't get it. I think she should have gone home weeks ago. That purple floral peplum dress.....I can't even.

Kelly is really a gem, personality-wise. I hope she wins just because I like her so much. I freaking loved her bridge dress.
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The reaction to Candace's look had me howling during judging. The centre seam was super off-alignment and the whole thing was like a cheap flamenco goth Halloween costume. I just don't get it.

Ashley's model's insane diaper cameltoe also went unmentioned.

In a real testament to this season's quality, my main weekly concern has been whether Swatch is alive, since we didn't see him in Mood. Swatch is alive.
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Yes, I was also concerned at the lack of 'Bye Swatch' from Tim when everyone left Mood. Thank you for setting my mind at rest.
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I enjoyed Nina repeatedly telling the designers that they hadn't actually followed the guidelines of the challenge when their gardment wasn't avant garde. I wish that this commentary had been deployed during the ready-to-wear challenge.
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This season I feel like Tim and the judges keep saying "This is the best ___ this season!" or "This is the best ____ in Project Runway history!", again and again, and it's soooo not the best whatever. They're trying way too hard to be impressed.
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I just want Ashley to stop crying. My 8 year old now wants to go to Mood.
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This season I feel like Tim and the judges keep saying "This is the best ___ this season!" or "This is the best ____ in Project Runway history!", again and again,

Ha, actually, I was thinking that they've done this less this season than they normally do. Usually, the season begins with Tim saying something like, "This is the most impressive group of contestants we've ever seen", and I don't think he did this season. Instead he said something like, "This group of contestants irritated me so much more than any other group we've seen." Which is.... not exactly the same.
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Well, the first episode of this season started off with Tim calling the designers "the best of the best in fashion", so maybe that burned through their hyperbole budget.
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