Project Runway: Roll Out The Red Carpet
October 24, 2015 8:38 AM - Season 14, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Instead of the exciting trips to Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, etc, our designers are sent on a pointless trip to LA so they can be inspired to design a red carpet gown.

One designer plays it safe but designs a gown Heidi likes. One designer makes a hot mess of falling-down bodice that highlights a lack of constructions skills. Someone stays true to themselves and one designer gets hopelessly lost.
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I wish Tim Gunn had used the TGS.
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Yeah, I started watching this episode thinking Tim would save whoever got aufed, and I'm thinking he might. I guess we'll see next week. I was surprised that Heidi didn't like Edmond's look. It was shiny and showed a lot of skin, which is generally what Heidi likes.

I'm glad Kelly is one of the finalists, I wonder what she comes up with (in whatever ridiculously short amount of time they get this time around). She's definitely my favorite going into the finale.
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I thought Kelly did an amazing job. Her outfit was exactly on point for her red carpet event - Katy Perry at the MTV(?) awards.

I was so surprised Edmond choked here. I thought this challenge was exactly in his wheelhouse. But that fabric - ugh! Candace's dress was gorgeous, but predictable. She chose her fabric well, and it was the lacy fabric which made her dress so successful. I'm glad Tim got her to ditch the 'signature' neckline trim.

Ashley's look was, I thought, terrible. I was sure she was going to be auf'd. And all I could see when her model was standing on the runway for the critique was the outline of the model's right breast implant, which was really noticeable as it stood away from her chest wall.

I think Edmond will definitely be brought back next week.

I'm looking forward to next week's episode. I really like the 'home visit' ones, if only to see Tim so far outside his comfort zone.
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What's impressive about Kelly is how well she thinks. She didn't just make something that was vaguely "her" and vaguely "the red carpet". She didn't even just choose a "girl" (in this case, Katy Perry). She realized, somehow, with what training I don't know, that she needed to make this _specific_. That was a brilliant insight, and she reaped huge rewards. I think she's a genius, who happens to be applying her genius to fashion.

Even if someone taught her to make specific choices like that, she's the one who realized that this was the time to do it. It's a very important ability, and can benefit things like software user interface design, product design, and other kinds of design too.
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I don't mind this outcome. I don't recall liking a single Edmond look. What even IS an Edmond look? They're mostly just mediocre dresses. What is his style? I don't have any concept of his style.

...but y'all are probably right, they'll bring him back in a dramatic save.

Candace still managed to lower the boobs of her model with poorly placed trim even though it was a slightly different style than her worst boob trims.

Ashley is very lucky. I really hope she pulls it together. And I'm hoping she'll actually have a plus size runway show! I think she said something about finally designing the plus sized collection she's always wanted to create!

The brief glimpse we got from the sneak peak for next week shows more innovation from Kelly. Go Kelly! I love how true to herself she stays while still growing and maturing.
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I had missed that they're getting seven weeks to make their collections. That's actually pretty good. I was dreading repeat of last time (?) when they had one week (or something like that).

I do hope Ashley is allowed to do a plus size collection by the producers. If so, I wonder who (if anyone) would get "her" model, Aube, who she had this week. I don't usually notice the models that much but she stood out to me this season, she wore a lot of things very well.

> What even IS an Edmond look? They're mostly just mediocre dresses. What is his style? I don't have any concept of his style.
I think that's pretty much it. A few weeks back he was offended that he was assigned "bombshell" instead of "high fashion", but I think fairly simple short & bodycon is generally what he does. At least that's what has stuck with me about his designs.
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The judges were basically like "Please, Tim, save Edmond!" for the entire judging, so I'm guessing he's going to be back.

I'm super excited that Ashley might put on a plus size show. I totally hadn't thought of it as a possibility, but it would be really great to see her work in her wheelhouse, and to see plus size models on PR! I don't think that having plus size models would be any reason not to include Aube--why not have models of a variety of sizes in one show?
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There have been SO many times in the past where a designer had screwed up the final challenge but still moved forward somehow. They do this ALL. THE. TIME. So, the whole "it is absolutely necessary that someone is sent home, and it is vital we judge Edmond only by this one challenge rather than his general performance" rang pretty hollow. I can't believe anything other than that was all set up for Tim to use his save.

I mean, really, has Heidi ever once before been all, "the rules are sacrosanct and we can do no other than follow them"?
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With the exception of Kelly, everyone involved in this show has been limping to the end. Having seven weeks to make a collection could be enough time for some of them to regain a less hamstery stressful life and do good work. Or, in the case of Candace, she'll keep skating down the same path on her way to what she expects is her inevitable win. And Edmund (who is totally getting the Tim Gunn Save; the promo was cut in such a way that practically screams "we're editing around a surprise someone!") will make his standard set of fitted "high fashion" gowns in dark colors.

I fully expect it to come down to Kelly v. Ashley.
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The shot of Zac as Edmond's model appeared on the runway was flippin' priceless. I re-watched that a million times laughing my head off. That dress was the most psychotic mess ever, but of course he'll be back to present with the others thanks to fairy godfather Tim.
I've cooled to Ashley over the season, but perhaps a lot rests on editing. Certainly her looks have gone downhill, but I've been so over the "gee whiz, I just don't have any confidence" week after week after WEEK. I know producers need a story though, and perhaps they've just pigeonholed her to that and edited accordingly.
Kelly deserved the win. Yay, Kelly!
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We love Kelly in our house, and are super glad that Nina has stopped being so Nina-y at her. We get it, you like to dress in the things that my super-professional business-casual-27-7 aunt wears on a daily basis. That isn't fashion!

Kelly is fashion. I still can't get over her bridge dress, and designing a pantsuit for the red carpet? AWESOME.
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Edmond seems like a really nice guy. That said, he has made a bunch of really dull, revealing, basic dresses for most of the challenges, and has won a few because the competition was pretty low this year. Most other seasons (well, not most other seasons since Lifetime, but other seasons earlier on), he'd be out around 7 or 8. He'll be saved...I saw someone's sleeve sitting next to Candice as Heidi talked to the designers in the preview, and it looked like a man's jacket, so I'm guessing the fact that Tim didn't come in for hugs means that he's staying, because PR thinks we like the DRAMA.

Kelly is my favorite designer, perhaps ever. She's 100% herself, and maybe that doesn't translate into high fashion, but she definitely needs to be seen more on my TV, because she knows who she is, and she's talented, and she has a story. Much more than the rest of these finalists.

Ashley has been so frustrating this season, because she's supposed to be a great plus-sized designer, but she choked on that challenge, and despite a strong start, she only seems to have 1 or 2 patterns she knows how to make. Might be good for a line of online dresses, but she isn't going to burn up the fashion scene with it. Then again, if a high-fashion plus-sized designer is going to make it, s/he probably won't need Project Runway to boost a career, because there will be people lined up at the door the moment it launches.

Candice is someone we've seen over and over and over again on this show. She's talented, but just does that sort of goth/circus thing that Seth Aaron won with twice. It's a good look for about 18 people in the world, and the rest of us are human beings who need clothes that aren't poured onto us. Again, talented but dull to me.
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> why not have models of a variety of sizes in one show?

I think I just assumed she'd do all plus-size models because the designers usually do get everyone for a show be as similar as possible (in looks). In addition to this I would think having roughly the same size would be a good idea simply because it is not uncommon for the designers to shuffle around their clothes into different configurations during those last days before the show. Often based on the final critiques from the judges they usually get a day or so before the final runway. Switching clothes between models would become practically impossible if they're really different sizes.

So while having a mix of sizes would be nice, I think it would be a bad choice for adapting to the judges' comments. However if she does only plus size models, I bet we get Nina saying that she worries that Ashley is too niche and only about dressing plus sizes and that she should be making clothes for everyone (which I wouldn't agree with, but I think it could come up).
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Along with everyone else, I think Edmond will be back although I don't recall anyone getting the TG Save right before FW. I think this is the time the judges should "officially" consider the body of work and just say, all are going forward. Home visits: what a shame that Tim insisted on sending Swapnil home. Otherwise he's be looking to a very interesting trip to India.
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Oh, another comment - Ashley's choices really confused me this week. When she first picked out that fabric, I thought, ok, so the two-sided sequin thing is cool, but I think it would look weird as clothing. Like, when you pushed the sequins the other direction to show the silver, wouldn't it look messy? But then I thought, hey, maybe she'll do something cool with it.

Then she designed a gown with the sequins all pushed in one direction, and even Zac mentioned that if anyone brushed up against the model, the dress would be all messed up, and I thought, isn't that the POINT of having that fabric? I mean, ok, so mess it up, get crazy! Don't buy a weird-ass fabric and make a normal gold dress.
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Yeah, I really wanted to see what cool design work she'd do with the sequins being pushed in different directions. I felt disappointed by the end result.
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