The Grinder: The Curious Disappearance of Mr. Donovan
October 18, 2015 1:14 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Debbie and Stewart try to get Ethan and Lizzie to confess to deleting an episode of Ray Donovan from the family DVR, which brings up the old dispute of who broke Stewart's window back when he and Dean were in high school. Back in the office, Dean believes that Claire is a mole for Sanderson & Yao, when confidential information on their cases continue to leak.
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Hey! I recognize one of the opposing lawyers from this amazing Teen Wolf... thing (what would you even call that?).

Anyway, I'm still enjoying this. Show's still solid.

But what if it wasn't?
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The back and forth with Fred Savage and Steve Little in that one scene might be the hardest I've laughed at a sitcom in a long long time.
posted by Potomac Avenue at 10:57 AM on October 30, 2015

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