Gravity Falls: Scary-oke
August 2, 2014 3:38 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The Pines family resolves to get back to normal after the Li'l Gideon incident. They throw a "Mystery Shack is Back" party, but some unwelcome guests crash the celebration.

During the spring and summer they've made a number of short clips. Youtube user The Mystery of Gravity Falls has kindly put them online (which might be an official Disney channel since the videos have been up a while without getting pulled down). Here they are grouped and roughly sorted in chronological order. Each clip is between 2 and 2.5 minutes long.

Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained
  1. Candy Monster - Dipper and Mabel must go into full on battle mode against a mysterious creature when it leaps out of the rafters and steals their 'Summerween' candy.
  2. Grunkle Stan's Tattoo - Dipper devises a plan to unravel the enigma that is Stan's Tattoo.
  3. The Mailbox - Dipper and Soos stumble upon a mailbox in the middle of the forest and make it their mission to discover who (or what) picks up the mail left inside.
  4. Lefty - Dipper sets out to discover why a certain Gravity Falls resident always faces left.
  5. The Tooth - Dipper and Mabel find a gigantic tooth on the shores of the lake, and set out in a rowboat to find out where it came from.
  6. The Hide-Behind - In hearing of a local lumberjack legend, Dipper investigates a mysterious creature that has been heard, but never seen.
Mabels' Guide to Life
  1. Mabel's Guide to Dating - Mabel gives Dipper, Soos, and Grunkle Stan a dating quiz to determine their eligibility to find a match and also helps local animals find their dating partner.
  2. Mabel's Guide to Stickers - It's time for a history lesson with Mabel as she teaches us all about the rich history and lost value that many stickers have. Grab your pencils and take notes.
  3. Mabel's Guide to Fashion - Join Mabel, Candy, and Grenda as they go around town showcasing their newest idea, the Flash Makeover! It's time to get beautiful, residents of Gravity Falls!
  4. Mabel's Guide to Color - Everyone's got a favorite color. Whether it's pink or blue or even sparkly. Watch as Mabel finds out the favorite colors from the people of the town of Gravity Falls and show Grunkle Stan the beauty of rainbows.
  5. Mabel's Guide to Art - Talented from a young age, Mabel is quite the little artist. Inspiration can happen anywhere, which leads to her genius idea of caticatures, a big hit for all the residents of Gravity Falls!
Mabel's Scrapbook
  1. Petting Zoo Trip! - Mabel remembers when everyone went to the local petting zoo and freed Octavia, the mutated cow.
  2. Stand-off at the Ragtime - Mabel remembers when everyone went to go see Pony Heist at the local theater.
Fixin' It with Soos
  1. Golf Cart - Dipper and Wendy wrecked the Mystery Cart and it's up to Soos to fix it!
  2. Cuckoo Clock - Grunkle Stan accidentally breaks a cuckoo clock and only Soos can put it back together!
Gravity Falls Public Access TV clips
  1. Gravity Falls TV Shorts #1 - Advertising for the Mystery Shack? The wise wisdom of Soos? Reality TV about Gideon in prison? It's all there on Gravity Falls Public Access TV!
  2. Gravity Falls TV Shorts #2 - Want to know who's ackin' Cray-Cray? Being pressured by your teen friends and need help? Ever wanted to see a duck solve crimes? It's all there on Gravity Falls Public Access TV!
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So happy this show is back :D
posted by Strass at 3:41 PM on August 2, 2014

Yay! That said, I hope they return to a more episodic format. I like overall archs as much as the next guy, but the more self contained episodes of season 1 are my favorites, like Time Traveler's Pig and Double Dipper.
posted by signal at 4:50 PM on August 2, 2014

Ron Swanson a federal agent ? Never !
posted by Pendragon at 5:31 PM on August 2, 2014 [2 favorites]

Seriously, few things make me happier than this show. And I kind of love that they steered into the skid with Mabel getting what she wanted by having three part harmony destroy the zombies. And the pseudo-80s songs never stop being hilarious!
posted by leesh at 6:21 PM on August 2, 2014

This is the funniest show on television for my money. I'm not even saying "funniest kids' show." Just the funniest show, period.

And the extras in this post are a treat. Thanks!
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I love the recurring details this show has, like Gold Chains for Old Men Magazine which we've seen before, and various souvenirs from previous episodes in the twins' room, like Mabel's "#2 Boss" mug and the folded paper/treasure map hat. Also, the grappling hook.

Mabel: Dipper! What's the one thing I asked you not to do tonight!?
Dipper: Raise the dead...
Mabel: And what did you do!?
Dipper: Raise the dead :(

Did anyone else think the final part of the show was rather gruesome? I know they were zombies, but they used to be humans. There were a lot of heads exploding, and at the end the whole lot was covered in partially decomposed corpses.
posted by bjrn at 2:40 AM on August 3, 2014

I think YA can handle a bit of gore.
posted by Pendragon at 11:05 AM on August 3, 2014

I thought it was noteworthy that this episode featured straight monsters, rather than silly monster hybrids. It was an order of magnitude scarier for little ones than normal. My five year-old's review was, "I still like Gravity Falls and I'll still watch it. But I don't think I'll watch the zombie one again. It was scary."
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Thanks for this post, and for the kid-rated review. My wife and I saw an episode or two of the first season by chance, and were really impressed by the writing and acting. We watched much of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated with our 2+ year old son kind of watching along with us (but more often getting bored and wandering off to play with his toys), but we keep The Walking Dead for times when he's asleep.
posted by filthy light thief at 3:51 PM on August 3, 2014

+1 the new Scooby-Doo show, it's really fun
posted by Strass at 8:55 PM on August 3, 2014

Is the bit about reading from some old book and raising the dead a Simpsons reference? Or are they a reference to the same thing?

Thanks for compiling links to all of the shorts!
posted by almostmanda at 5:26 AM on August 4, 2014

Reading a spell from a book which raises the dead is a common trope in TV, movies and literature. It wouldn't surprise me if there was a Simpsons episode which also did this, but I don't think that would be the main reference point.
posted by bjrn at 11:46 AM on August 4, 2014

Reading an ancient text to wake the deceased is like Witchcraft 101
posted by Strass at 4:41 PM on August 4, 2014

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