Gravity Falls: Into The Bunker
August 9, 2014 7:44 AM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Dipper, Mabel, Soos, and Wendy discover a hidden bunker/laboratory in the woods, while Mabel encourages Dipper to reveal to Wendy his true feelings about her.

Wendy demonstrates her kick-ass monster fighting skills, while Mabel proves that fashion can be practical AND fun. Dipper, as usual, uses the monster-of-the-week as a distraction from his inner turmoil.
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My face is being eaten a lot!

I really enjoyed this episode, and loved that we got some more Wendy without it just being about Dipper (or Robbie).
posted by bjrn at 9:56 AM on August 9, 2014

I also loved that Wendy TOTALLY KNEW about Dipper's very obvious crush, but was pretending not to b/c she's a good friend. I hope we can get past this storyline completely now.
posted by leesh at 10:33 AM on August 9, 2014 [1 favorite]

I enjoy it when Wendy is less a plot MacGuffin for an episode and is instead an active member of the team. I'd like to see more of her family and their kegs of meat.
posted by robocop is bleeding at 2:05 PM on August 9, 2014

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