Bones: The Resurrection in the Remains
October 29, 2015 6:00 PM - Season 11, Episode 5 - Subscribe

While investigating a case involving a headless corpse, Brennan and Booth encounter Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills searching for answers of their own; Brennan and Booth come up with Halloween pranks. (Part 1 of Bones/Sleepy Hollow crossover)
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This crossover is so fundamentally preposterous that I really want to see where they go with it.
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Haven't watched Bones in so many years, that was a very weird experience. I remember the facial reconstruction being ludicrously fast & accurate, but, how did they do a facial reconstruction of General Howe without a skull to work from?

"He called it Fondled in the Forest" made me laugh though.
posted by oh yeah! at 6:12 PM on October 29, 2015

It was interesting to see just how phoned-in the Bones/Booth characters have become (especially Booth) when compared to the Crane/Mills duo. Beyond that, the Bones part of the crossover appears to have been a very long setup to get Gen. Howe's body to Sleepy Hollow. Watching SH now.
posted by Thorzdad at 6:14 PM on October 29, 2015

Love a good crossover.
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Oh man. I remember why I stopped watching Bones. Midway through this ep Mrs eyeballkid asked if we could watch any scene with Emily Deschanel muted with subtitles. I dig SH, but making me watch this dull-ass, shoulda been cancelled five years ago show is asking a bit much. Plus the magnified, alternate universe versions of Mills and Crane were off putting. Haven't watched Pt 2 yet, but I'm hoping Bones doesn't make it unbearable.
posted by eyeballkid at 11:01 PM on October 30, 2015

I think I stopped watching Bones around S3; whenever it was that they turned Zack into a killer, and the tone shifted to be more gross-out comedic with the murder of the week. I just went back and watched the S2 episode this morning that I remember being my favorite - "Aliens in a Spaceship" (the one where Brennan & Hodgins get buried alive by a kidnapper) - so I wouldn't have to be stuck with the memory of this current incarnation of the Bones cast.
posted by oh yeah! at 6:29 AM on October 31, 2015

Only watched this for the crossover, but when I heard them mention someone named Dale Bozzio in reference to a missing persons case, I got super-excited and geeked out pretty hard.
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I admit I liked Hodgins' orange contact lenses.
posted by mon-ma-tron at 11:39 AM on October 31, 2015

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