Concrete Revolutio: Japan "Beast" History, Part 1
October 29, 2015 5:55 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Year 14: On a tropical island, Professor Hitoyushi encounters GaGon, a monstrous ape-like creature, for the first time. Three years later, Americans are shown trying to confront GaGon with their own superheroes. Twelve years after that, a Japanese city is fleeing the attacks of a different monster, and Prof Hitoyushi retrieves a young Jiro lying passed out on a river bridge. And in year 41, a proliferation of monsters becomes a problem when Japan's primary defender against them has left.

This catches us up with the current broadcast schedule; further updates for this show will happen once a week.
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Timeline so far in the show:

Shinka 14, October: Prof. Hitoyoshi encounters GaGon on an island in the Indian Ocean (ep. 4)
Shinka 17, August: U.S. military sends their own superhumans to attack GaGon (ep. 4)
Shinka 29, November: A kaiju attacks Tokyo (ep. 4)
Shinka 34, January: Giganto Gon attacks Tokyo; GaGon Jr. found (ep. 4)
Shinka 41, January: Grosse Augen first appears to fight a kaiju (ep. 4)
Shinka 41, July: Kikko and Jiro first meet and Kikko joins the Superhuman Bureau; Grosse Augen returns to his home world (ep. 1);
Shinka 41, August: Fuurota frees Campe, releases the virus on the Tartarus Bugmen, joins the Superhuman Bureau (ep. 2)
Shinka 41, November: Jiro, Kikko, and Fuurota encounter Gagon Jr. (ep. 4)
Shinka 42, February: Type A android Mieko Kohrogi targets Yatsuka Heavy Industry (ep. 3)
Shinka 42, April: Jiro destroys the Kaiju factory (ep. 4)
Shinka 46, April: Kikko tries to bring Jiro back to the Superhuman Bureau (ep. 1)
Shinka 47, February: Type B android Kaoru Handa returns to Japan; Jiro and Raito fight (ep. 3)
Shinka 48, August: Fuurota encounters the adult Campe (ep. 2)
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I was a bit surprised by this episode - I was expecting a conclusion to the Jiro - Raito fight from last episode, and instead we're getting a 2-part (or more?) arc on Jiro and perhaps Emi, and Jiro's foster father.

And what is Daishi Akita, head of the Superhuman Bureau, up to? Whose interests does he have at heart?

I initially wrote whether Daishi Akits was on the side of good or evil, but that doesn't seem the right question in the context of Concrete Revolutio episodes so far. We can't easily classify characters as good or evil, or heroes or villains.
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> We can't easily classify characters as good or evil, or heroes or villains.

That's something the show keeps pivoting around. In the central timeline (ca. 41-42), there are superheroes, and there are monsters. To every monster a superhero. This is the time period when Fuurota and Kikko appear. The machinations of Daishi seem to be more about protecting his underlings from the political machine (and securing his own political appointment) -- at least to himself I'm sure he believes he's operating on the principle of accommodating small evils for the sake of the greater good.

In the years before, there are no clear relationships (monsters rampage unimpeded, or heroes swarm uncertainly around opponents). In the years after, the unfortunate consequences of the heroes' actions from ca. 41-42 -- and the unfairness of categorizing unknown phenomena as evil -- have become too significant to ignore. From ca.46 onward, Jiro has adapted to the ambiguities of morality in the world, but his colleagues haven't. We haven't seen Emi in any of the year >46 scenes yet.
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