Supernatural: Baby
October 30, 2015 3:17 AM - Season 11, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Seen entirely from the Impala, the Winchesters travel to Oregon to investigate a suspicious murder.
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Great music, great dialogue, and a great monster, all seen from the Impala. Loved this episode!
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I thought it was the best episode in a long while. I'm not one of those people who thinks the show is played out, but this episode was something special.

At first I thought the direction was just unusually arty, with the cold open flashing around inside the car and then the shots through the window as the guys were washing the car. At some point when I realized we hadn't left the car the whole time and probably wouldn't for the rest of the episode, I actually started to feel slightly claustrophobic. (For various reasons I'm not good knowing I can't leave someplace, even if it's a place I don't really mind otherwise.) But once I settled down and got into the story I thought it was kind of amazing.

They had to do all sorts of tricks to stay in the car, like the valet girl's little joyride with her friend and stuff, but even when I was aware it was a trick it just seemed really clever and entertaining. They had to do monster fights and weird visions and detective work, all the stuff of a regular adventure, while we were stuck in that car. We even got some fun Castiel stuff in there. Wow.

In some ways this felt like the show's creators kind of giving the finger to people who say the show is tired. This was a really daring, strange episode, the very opposite of a show coasting, and it worked. But while it was experimental, it was a throwback at the same time. All the honest talk between Sam and Dean, singing along to a Bob Seger tune, a monster of the week, the (sort of) visit from their dad, the action figure stuck in Baby's vent, there was a lot of stuff calling back to the days when this was a very different show. It kind of reminded you of who these guys really are, to the dopey joshing and those midnight road trip conversations that have kind of fallen away in recent years.

If the show can still be this good, even now, I have zero regrets about sticking with it all these seasons.

So, who was the entity appearing as their dad? Whoever it was seemed rather kindly and fond of Sam, the deception aside, so I'm guessing it couldn't be Death or Lucifer or somebody sinister like that. He said "I could never fool you," suggesting they have some history. Was it God? If not, I really have no idea who we're looking at. I wonder if we'll ever find out, or if maybe they'll leave us guessing on that one.
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That cold open with Dean unconscious in the backseat and the train whistle in the distance, I had such a sinking feeling... Considering how often the show has taken our favorite characters away from us, I thought for sure we were going to lose Baby in the end. I would have never forgiven them for such a cruel move.
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Oh, and as much as it seems that God has just abandoned the universe to become a world of shit, I expect when He/She does show up, He'll just say, "You didn't need me around, you had the Winchesters..."

On the other hand, given the little coincidences that helped to save Dean, along with the dream talk with whoever that was (my vote is God), isn't it implied that those "coincidences" are probably the helping hand of God/Whomever.
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My first thought was God. Then I thought Lucifer. We were told that it was God and the archangels that fought off the Darkness the first time. I'm convinced that will come into play at some point this season. And Sam's first vision was of Hell. So it made sense.

But the more I thought about, "I could never fool you" I started thinking about another archangel, one whose biggest joy in life is tricking people.

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Yeah, Gabriel was my first thought after the "I could never fool you" line.

What a great episode! Once I recognized the conceit I was totally sold. And what wonderful fight choreography!
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This was a fantastic episode. This why I keep watching. No matter how often the boys die/lie to each other/return from the dead there are enough gems like this scattered through the seasons to make it all worth it.
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I don't know about Gabriel. Gabriel is not shy about his mischief. He's arrogant and playful and he really enjoys messing with the Winchesters. I think as soon as his deception was revealed, he'd probably admit who he was. This entity seemed more serious and seemed to have a gentle seriousness to him. That's not to say it couldn't be somebody evil. But the way he spoke to Sam was serious and seemed to have some fondness to it, which doesn't fit the Gabriel we've seen before.

My money's on God. That "God helps those who help themselves" could be something that God would say, and it could have different meanings. If it's not God, I really have no idea who it could be.
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Gabriel's an interesting thought. Before we saw Matt Cohen, I actually thought it was Mark Pellegrino's voice for a second, and after seeing the scene, I think there's at least an outside possibility it could be Lucifer, and not just because I prefer God to stay out of things on this show (or at least stick to chilling at high school musical adaptations of His pulp novels while a Greek muse tries to eat Him.)

Both Lucifer and Gabriel had their turns at fooling and not fooling Sam, and "God helps those who help themselves" sounds like something an embittered angel might come out with to egg on a poor confused mortal. I feel like there've been a couple of times where Gabriel specifically impersonated someone or something to try and get Sam around to his way of thinking, until Sam caught on, which is sort of what happened here. If Gabriel is alive somehow, I could imagine him intervening to try and get the Winchesters to fix things, without actually wanting them to know he was back in the mix. (I mean, who could blame him.)

I'm still leaning towards Lucifer, though--caged seems less final than dead, even for this show, and it would help explain why, when Sam prayed for a sign of hope, he got a Hell flashback.

Really, really liked this episode.
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Now I'M starting to wonder about Lucifer too. He's a quiet sort, and often seemed to have kind of a sarcastic sympathetic attitude. Like he'd flay you and say, "Ouch, buddy. Not having a real good day, huh?" So it could be that what I was taking for genuine fondness for Sam was just more of Lucifer's sly, faux-friendliness. And it would gibe with the tortures Sam saw in his vision. If the Winchesters end up allying with Lucifer, that will be... interesting. It sure wouldn't be good news for Crowley.
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Is Lucifer still stuck in the cage with Michael and the third Winchester brother whom we shall never speak of again? Also, was there some demon referencing the "cage" earlier this season to Crowley? (I can't recall) Sam definitely had something like a flash to a scene from Hell, so perhaps he's getting messages from down under so to speak.

I do kind of like the idea of God returning, but it definitely wouldn't work well for the show. A lot of the show's underlining premises are based on the idea that God isn't there just to fix it.

I wonder if Dean's surprising bit of knowledge about the origin of "God helps those who help themselves," isn't indicative of the identity of the individual playing their father. Dean tossed it back beyond the Bible to Aesop's Fables and beyond. It's an old saying, so perhaps someone or something from the start of time. Hrm.

Going to the episode...I loved it. First, it was an awesome turning on its head version of a bottle episode. Everything happens in one location, but that location is perpetually moving. It's like setting something on a train car, but far more dynamic. I also felt a little closed in, too, as I watched. Perhaps the one thing I didn't care for as much was the opening shot of Dean in the back of the car. I'm not sure if it was really necessary and I'm just starting to tire of the conceit of "XX hours/days earlier," jumps. The lingering shots on items left or dropped in the car, the waitress' hair pin, the machete and the girl's purse weren't too lingering to overstate their future uses.

The interactions between the brothers was the best. The honesty and dialogue was something I've been yearning for over seasons of this show. I'd like to think that they asked themselves, "What is Supernatural?" And they answered, "It's about two brothers traveling across the country in their black Chevy fighting monsters." That's how this episode was born, I want to believe, and I want to further believe it's a sign the writers are serious about returning the show to these roots.

I guess it's a wait and see.
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There was definitely a demon talking to Crowley about alarms and the cage. I also wonder how the lowly demon and angel grunts hanging out together will figure into this.

Agree with everyone about how great this episode was. I also enjoyed the flipped version of a bottle episode and shared the worry about them destroying Baby from that cold open.
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Okay, finally got around to watch this and

(Um, not exact year, but still!)

I felt so sorry for the poor car after all it went through in that episode. Hope they can fix it up.

I'm inclined to say that the dad-vision was God as well. Though "God helps those who help themselves" does kinda sound like a weasel sort of explanation for why God doesn't help when you ask.

"This was a really daring, strange episode, the very opposite of a show coasting, and it worked."

I'm kinda all over the map on this show. It can be very good--especially when they do experimental episodes--it can be pretty bad, it can be mediocre. But there's enough good still going on from time to time that I stick with it, even if I don't watch the show with super urgency these days. This was actually kind of a relaxing episode for the show, at least until the body hacking went on.

I love the image of a machete and Hello Kitty purse being in the bottom of the car.
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