The Faculty (1998)
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Students suspect that their teachers are aliens after bizarre occurrences.

This is a selection of MeFi Horror Club, details of which can be found here.
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While the celebrity rate of the teens is about 50/50, I always forget just how packed the faculty roster is with minor stars and character actors. Almost worth watching just for the never ending "hey, isn't that..." factor.

I remember catching this in theatres on Christmas day and enjoying it immensely. It holds minor cult status but I often forget about it, giving it a watch every 5 or 6 years and continuing to enjoy the ride, forgetting enough details that it still surprises. Body snatching stories are always fun, and while the young cast doesn't quite live up to the established actors hamming it up this one works well, even with the half baked "Drugs yay?" element.
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I edited a huuuuuuuge sprawling fanfic for this film, and now when I watch even snippets of it, all I get are violent sex-drenched flashes, like the actual film is about 1/3 of the real story that has replaced my memory of the film in my head, despite having watched the film so many times while the piece was being written. I don't know if the film is good or bad. It's just always going to be nihilistic teenage love.
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If they had cast Ryan Reynolds instead of Josh Hartnett it could have been a Fifteen reunion.
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This movie is so hilarrible, I love it. (Then again I love anything with Clea DuVall because she's fantastic, and Elijah Wood is my future ex husband, so..)
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I've always enjoyed this movie more than I think I should or will. It hits all the notes in the correct order and manages to not be appalling or cringe-worthy in any major ways.
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I will always remember seeing this in the theater with a lot of teen boys in attendance and there being an audible groan when Marybeth stops just short of stepping out of the shadows in the all together.
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