Downton Abbey: Season 6 Episode 7
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Henry Talbot invites the Crawleys to watch him motor racing at Brooklands, but events leave Mary reeling. Violet makes a plan which surprises the family and delights Denker, and also gets to the bottom of Amelia Cruikshank’s curious show of friendship towards Isobel. Mr Molesley and Daisy must rise to the challenge on examination day, while Mrs Patmore and Mrs Hughes teach Mr Carson a lesson. Andy’s secret is brought to light, and Thomas feels increasingly isolated.

Edith receives a proposal but postpones her decision. The Dowager suddenly decamps for France. Isis is replaced.
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Moseley's exam results and job offer has managed to overshadow Daisy's efforts, good for him. Meanwhile Baxter is still nattering on about that thief's trial and closure.

The Dowager had a good scene with the fiancee but running off to France after buying a puppy is just bizarrely out of character.

One episode left and then the feel-good Christmas episode. Is anyone optimistic that the denouement will be satisfying?
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Does Molesley becoming a teacher mean there's still a spot for Barrow? I know Barrow began the series with a long run of being a terrible person and still manages to be awful semi-regularly. But his growing realization that he may never find anyone to love, but he might--if he plays his cards right--have a home and one or two friends--has been sad.

Mrs. Hughes sneakily schooling Mr. Carson was a delight.
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One episode left and then the feel-good Christmas episode. Is anyone optimistic that the denouement will be satisfying?

Only if Mary does not get a miraculous happy ending. She is such an unpleasant character and the show doesn't seem to realise it.
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I'm ambivalent about Mary, but I think she deserves some defending in this case. Talbot is very charming in many ways and I don't really agree with Mary's decision but there's the fundamental problem that her husband died in a car crash (in an age when cars are extraordinary) and Talbot insisted that Mary come and enjoy his race. That's willful, deep insensitivity and selfishness. If that's why she DTMFA, I agree. It's probably not, but on the other hand, I do think it gives us good reasons to be sympathetic to her ambivalence and being distraught.

But I'm very happy for Edith. Except that she's not actually told him about Marigold and it looks like she doesn't intend to. Big, huge mistake.

I have the feeling that the Dowager is going to die on her trip.

Edith's editor is so right for Tom. As soon as Edith invited her I thought, "Aha!"
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If Fellowes has Violet die offscreen without a reconciliation with her family, he's awful.

My issues with Mary stem from the fact that her character has been reduced to the outcome of her love life. She was much more interesting when she's learning to be the clever and possibly ruthless land agent, the proud pig farmer, the defender of the estate. Tolbert is fine, but he's more like a placeholder character. Their relationship doesn't interest me at all. Stay, go. There are no stakes that make me care either way. I ended up feeling more sorry for Mary after the Chamberlain episode when I realized that Mary will likely end up watching George go off to war shortly and could lose her son and the estate all over again.

But I'm very happy for Edith. Except that she's not actually told him about Marigold and it looks like she doesn't intend to. Big, huge mistake.

I certainly hope that does change. It's a huge mistake, especially given how many people already know the truth.
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In what universe does anyone not know what the word ward means in this situation? "This is my family's ward who I am especially fond of and want to live with permanently" is only keeping a secret from someone who is being deliberately ignorant. I mean, no doubt that whatshisname will be shocked! to find out the truth, but that's really because soap opera. (It would be MUCH more interesting if Mary told him and he just said, yes, Edith made that clear, but I cannot hope for that.)

Mary dumping Talbot is not why I think she's a terrible person. (And not even the sort of terrible person who is an interesting character to watch.) I also don't care about her love life, but no doubt she will somehow make peace with Talbot in the next two episodes because this show is setting up happily ever after weddings for everyone.
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Yeah, Mary's not a terrible person for breaking up with Talbot. She's a terrible person because she's a vain, self-centred snob with a marked lack of curiosity about the world around her or other people's interior lives.
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Thomas is the Edith of downstairs. He acts badly because he gets treated badly; he gets treated badly because he acts badly. It's a nasty cycle and I do wish he'd find a new milieu so he can be among people who will appreciate him for his merits, just as Edith needed to do.

I was waiting for something to come of Edith inviting the editor to the races. I thought it might be some big reveal like she was Talbot's former flame or something, but no, it turned out she's probably going to be Tom's new love interest. Which is fine. She is exactly the kind of lovable, forward-thinking, upwardly mobile person he needs and deserves, and he is hers.

I do like that Robert has changed his views on the role of women. He's such an old fossil and a useless buffoon in some ways (Edith and Mary plainly inherited their executive abilities from their mother) that it's nice to see him be progressive for once. And he gets a puppy! Enjoy the puppy, Robert, you earned it by showing respect for Edith's accomplishments in publishing!

Oh Edith. Have you learned nothing? TELL HIM ABOUT MARIGOLD.

I thought Mary made the right decision by breaking things off with Henry Talbot. She even tried to do it with regard to his emotional state. The preview shows him trying to get her back though, ugh. He is not a man who respects her wishes, and that in itself is reason enough for her to dump him.

The scene between the Dowager and the fiancee was awesome. Holy shit did Violet skewer that selfish little miss through and through. I don't think she'll be kicking the bucket before the end of the show -- she's in way too good form for that.

The previews revealed that there's going to be a show down between Edith and Mary in the next episode in which Edith tells Mary she's a complete fucking bitch in nearly exactly those words. I'm looking forward to it. I mean, I had hope that Mary might actually grow up a little after she found out about Marigold's origins, that she would learn to see Edith in a different light, as someone who has been through much more than she ever realized and had the spine to keep her chin up and create a second act she was happy with, and that maybe she would begin to show more respect for her which would improve things a lot, but nooooo. It seems like all Mary cares about is that the servants don't know, for God's sake. I do hope Mary doesn't try to scuttle Edith's engagement because Edith will probably kill her if she does. Which would be kind of awesome, but I'd rather not see Edith swinging from the end of a rope in the Christmas special.
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I am going to predict that there will be a trip to France for the Xmas special, to see out the dowager and the era, and of course, the show. They do like a jolly away somewhere for the specials and this sets out an opportunity for that. Plus Maggie Smith gets to chew some scenery.
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As much as I would love Edith to call Mary a fucking bitch, I can't imagine Mary's response being other than, "Of course I am! Why shouldn't I be?"
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I do like that Robert has changed his views on the role of women. He's such an old fossil and a useless buffoon in some ways

Gawd, yes. There are times watching this show when the total buffoonery of Robert juxtaposed with the intelligence, levelheadedness, and nobility of the man who lays out his goddamned socks in the morning is just unbearable.
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Interesting. Mary refused Matthew's original proposal because she believed she was tainted by the Mr Pamuk scandal (exposed by Edith) and did not want his reputation ruined by association. She did tell him everything though. I wonder if Edith would tell her fiance if not for being pressured, presumably by Mary. At the very least she benefits from changing times/morals.

If the new editor was invited to the races in order to set her up with Tom, it would mean that Edith will have to look for yet another new editor. It's too much to expect that the publisher and the editor could run the magazine from Yorkshire where presumably Tom intends to stay.

I just discovered that Love in a Cold Climate (1980) is on YouTube. Can't wait to see Lord Alconleigh refer to someone as "that sewer".
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Did any of your notice that Mr Pamuk has gone on to become the romantic interest in the Divergent films?
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I was quite happy to see the editor show up and meet Tom. I've been hoping for a while now that Tom and Mary would not end up together. Ugh. There have been many little moments where it seemed that might be possible. Again, ugh. No. Happy to be wrong about that one!
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I'm going to double down on my prediction of the dowager dying for Christmas and say Fellowes will do one last hackneyed writer trope and match her death with Mary knocking out a new life, so I reckon we'll be looking at a quick engagement, maybe even wedding, this Sunday. Though I suppose he might settle for Bates Jr.
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Hahahahah, poor Carson getting schooled on how hard it was to make dinner. That was a scheme between the ladies, right? He even fell asleep at the table!

Are the Bates sleeping in twin beds? My, that bed he was in is small.

I'm surprised Edith didn't jump on that proposal, I suppose out of fear about Marigold. Oh well, I'm sure he'll take it well whenever he finds out, he seems accepting.

Again, poor Thomas.

Moseley can become a schoolteacher just like that? Since when?

And then there's Mary. Well, I'll give the show credit for finally showing Mary actually having feelings about a car wreck. But hell, they've barely been dating for the amount of dramaz this episode had going. And yeah, how come this guy instead of someone with a title? Good point, parents.

Oh, Violet, huffing off like a teenager. On the other hand, I did enjoy her showdown with Larry's fiancee.

But that said: awww, Lord Grantham's face when he saw a puppy! Of course Violet would drop off a dog and avoid the training.
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Are the Bates sleeping in twin beds? My, that bed he was in is small.

They were staying at Lady Rosamund's London house, so I assume that the servants quarters come equipped with single beds. I don't think we've ever seen the bedroom at their cottage.

Does anyone have a theory as to what the creeper with the notebook outside Mrs. Patmore's B&B was doing?
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I am hoping against all hope that he was a reporter on the hotel/restaurant review circuit, checking this new establishment out, but I doubt if that will turn out so.
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Much #LOLMARY at Violet leaving instructions to reach her with Tom, "because he's the most sensible."
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